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These new skins look so cool!

LoL: New Elderwood Skins - Everything You Need To Know

Skins 13-06-2023 18:45
Elderwood Wukong
New Elderwood skins have hit the PBE! | © Riot Games

Riot has just revealed brand-new Elderwood skins that will be hitting the rift in the upcoming League of Legends patch. While we wait for the big summer event, along with a Samira ultimate skin, we will have to make do with these skins... but to be honest they're kind of fire. 

We know Riot has 'filler' patches for skins, but these 'filler' skins don't look anything like that. They're actually pretty dope so let's check out everything we know about them, the champions, the price and much more. 

Elderwood Skins: LoL Champions And Cost

In this update, we're getting two new Elderwood skins alongside two Wild Rift skins which are being ported over from the mobile game and into the PC version. This much we know already. 

Senna's Wild Rift skin from the Star Guardian universe will be coming two weeks later. So who will join Orianna and Seraphine this patch in the skins department? 

ChampionSkin TierPrice
Elderwood KarthusEpic1350 RP
Elderwood WukongEpic1350 RP

Now this is a pretty short list, but as mentioned before, this is a rather small patch for skins, since Riot is preparing for their huge summer event which will even feature an ultimate skin for Samira

Release Date for Elderwood Skins in LoL

Elderwood Karthus
I love this splash art so much. | © Riot Games

These skins will be released in LoL Patch 13.13. The patch should drop Wednesday, June 28, 2023 which means that the skins will be in the shop a day later on Thursday, June 29. 

While these skins can be considered filler, they actually look really cool and the champions fit very well into this mystical world of Elderwood. Previous champions like Bard and Azir also aren't the most conventional picks and fit super well into this thematic. 

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