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What is she going to look like?

New Champion Naafiri Coming to PBE Soon

News 13-06-2023 17:15
Naafiri lol
Does a dagger indicate pure AD? | © Riot Games

Every few months, Riot Games release a new champion. A champion that gets teased to hell and back in advance. The next one we can expect is Naafiri, the newest League of Legends Darkin champion.

After releasing Milio, the first pure male enchanter in League of Legends, RIot are gearing up for the release of the Darkin assassin. So, when can we expect him?

When is Naafiri's Release Date?

There are a few things that we've managed to extrapolate from the various dev talks Riot Games have given us, regarding Naafiri. We know that the champion will be an assassin taking the shape of a dog.

Furthermore, as all Darkin are based around the weapons they are sealed in, Naafiri's weapon will be a dagger. Naafiri will also be the first female Darkin champion in League of Legends.

In a recent video, Riot answered a few questions from fans, and confirmed that Naafiri will arrive to the PBE at the end of June. That means that we can expect her with the next PBE patch, in two weeks' time.

Unlike most of the other assassin champions, who value micro skill expression over anything else, Naafiri is an attempt by Riot to make an assassin that is simple to play, who values a macro playstyle more than anything else.

What Abilities Will Naafiri have?

So far, Riot Games have given us nothing concrete when it comes to her abilities. However, her dog-like appearance is something they seem to be quite insistent on.

Additionally, quite a few of the teaser artworks of Naafiri, contain multiple sets of eyes, and even her champion roadmap is titled "The Lone Assassin Dies, But the Team Survives".

Naafiri eyes
Is this a metaphor, or the actual look of Naafiri? | © Riot Games

Could this mean that Naafiri's playstyle will not revolve around the transformation to just the one dog-like creature, like Nidalee's Cougar form, and instead will be something akin to a pack of wolves?

We'll just have to wait and see when she gets released, which will also be just in time for her to receive a skin for the big Summer event this year.

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