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LoL: New Faerie Court 2024 Skins - Everything You Need To Know

Skins 06-05-2024 11:05

Faerie Court is back in LoL, but what champions will be getting skins and how much will they cost? 

Faerie Court Lux
LoL: Faerie Court is back on Summoner's Rift. | © Riot Games

Faerie Court was one of the most popular skin lines to have released in 2023. Of course, Riot would bring the skins back a year later to make even more money. While in 2023 some pretty popular champions received skins, this time around Riot is pulling out the big guns with some of the most loved characters in the game.

So, which champions will be getting Faerie Court skins and do these champions fit the adorable spring skin line? 

LoL: Faerie Court 2024 Skins: All Champions & Cost

Faerie Court Tristana
Tristana is a great fit in this skin line. | © Riot Games

A total of four champions will be getting skins. Riot has been bringing back older popular skin lines in 2024 without oversaturating the skins by only adding a few. They did the same for the recent Blood Moon skins, as well as the Project skins they released earlier this year. 

Skin NameChampionCost


Faerie CourtLilia1350 RPEpic
Faerie CourtLux1350 RP


Faerie CourtSoraka1350 RPEpic
Faerie CourtTristana1350 RP


All the skins are Epic tier skins this time around. Last year Karma received a Legendary, but with Riot having just released a lot of skins for the MSI 2024 event, we only got a small cosmetics patch this time around. 

Release Date For The Faerie Court 2024 Skins

The Faerie Court skins are going to be released with League of Legends patch 14.10. This is going to be a huge patch with the mid-season update just around the corner. So, make sure you get those skins once they go live with the patch on May 15, 2024. 

Sometimes it takes a day for Riot to add the cosmetics into the client though, so you might only be able to purchase them a day after the patch officially releases, especially with all the mid-season changes Riot is implementing this time around. 

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