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LoL: New Project 2024 - Everything You Need To Know

News 27-02-2024 14:37

As the biggest fan of Project skins I'm both happy and a bit disappointed in the upcoming Project skins!

Project naafiri
Naafiri finally gets another skin. | © Riot Games

Project is coming back in 2024! We used to get Project skins every year and players would get kinda tired of the thematic. In 2023, they did not release any Project skins for the PC Version of League of Legends, but Wild Rift has got a few. 

In 2024, we will finally get Project skins again on PC and boy oh boy, they look amazing.

LoL Project 2024 Skins: All Confirmed Champions

Project Naafiri
Project Naafiri with all her Chromas. | © Riot Games

All these champions will get a Project skin, but we can only assume the prices. It doesnt look like we are getting a legendary so we assumed all the prices will be 1350 RP.

Skin NameChampionCost
PROJECT: JaxJax1350 RP
PROJECT: GangplankGangplank1350 RP
PROJECT: NaafiriNaafiri1350 RP

The splash arts have not been released yet, but we will keep this post updated whenever they do. 

Release Date For Upcoming Project Skins In LoL

All these skins will be available on March 6 with Patch 14.5. 

Do you like the new skins? I have always loved Project skins, they are some of my absolute favourites in the game but seeing them as just a filler skin line now makes me kind of sad. I wish we would have gotten some more.

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