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LoL: New Street Demon Skins - Everything You Need To Know

Skins 31-08-2023 15:10
Street Demon Neeko
LoL New Street Demon Skins: Neeko looks amazing! | © Riot Games

Good news for all the skin enjoyers out there, soon you will have some nice new skins in the store to bolster your inventory and rule Summoner's Rift. And there are some incredible designs coming our way. The newest skin line seems to have a slightly rougher look to it and the bright colors are making them very eye-catching.

A bunch of champions will receive fresh skins from the Street Demon skin line and some of them are looking truly badass. The street image with bright colors, tattoos and graffiti backgrounds is something never seen before in League of Legends. So let's take a quick look at them and at all the important information.

LoL: Street Demon Skins: Champions and Cost

At the moment we know of five champions that are going to receive a skin from the new Street Demon skin line. These are our favorite burning mid laner turned support champ Brand and the freshly worked over Zyra. Also, Neeko will finally get another skin and our resident Meat Castle Mundo as well.  

And I guess everyone wants to find out how the new Rengar skin of this series might look like.

Skin NameChampion Skin TierPrice
Street Demon BrandBrandEpic1350 RP
Street Demon RengarRengarEpic1350 RP
Street Demon NeekoNeekoEpic1350 RP
Street Dmon ZyraZyraEpic1350 RP
Street Demon Dr. MundoDr. MundoEpic1350 RP
Street Demon BriarBriarEpic1350 RP

Along with these new skins, there will also be a new Taliyah Crystalis Motus skin, which will be purchasable for 100 mythic essences in the shop. It will be interesting to see, if these skins will come together for a special event or are just some random drops. However, they are looking great!

And as you can see, the newest addition to the League of Legends Champion roster, Briar, will also get a Street Demon Skin. It will be her first skin, coming together with her official release.

Street Demon Briar
Street Demon Briar, the first skin for the new Champion |©Riot Games

Release Date for Upcoming Street Demon Skins in LoL

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for a little while longer, since the Street Demon skin line is just available on the PBE server at the moment. So, the skins will be purchasable after the implementation of LoL Patch 13.18, which is set to be released on September 13, 2023. So spare your money until this date.

Right now there aren't any information regarding other possible champions for this skin line. But of course, we will keep you up-to-date in this important topic.

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