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Everything you need to know about the upcoming Finals

LEC Season Finals: Teams, Format& Where To Watch

News 29-08-2023 16:16
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LEC Season Finals, is G2 Esports the big favourite? |©Riot Games (Montage)

The LEC Season Finals will be the big conclusion of the LEC 2023 season and its three splits. The top six teams across all the splits are qualified to go head-to-head for the crown of European League of Legends. Also, these Finals will decide, which teams will represent the LEC and Europa at the World Championship in Korea.

In this article we're going to give you an overview about the upcoming tournament, its format, where you can watch the action and which teams are participating. Let's start with the format, which might be a little bit confusing.

LEC Season Finals: Four Teams Fighting For Spot In The Grand Final

The LEC Season Finals 2023 are in full motion and Round 1 of the bracket is over. Now the Upper Final and Lower Round 2 matchups are set. In the Upper Final G2 Esports will face off against MAD Lions for the first spot in the Grand Final. 

The loser will either go head-to-head with winner of the Lower Round 2 Match between Fnatic and Team BDS. Also in this matchup will be the deciding series on which team will head to the Worlds 2023 Qualification Series between the 4th placed teams of the LEC and the LCS.

  • The Lower Round 2 match between Fnatic and Team BDS is scheduled for September 2, 2023, at 6pm CEST. 
  • The Upper Final match between G2 Esports and MAD Lions is scheduled for September 3, 2023, at 6pm CEST

LEC Season Finals Format Explained Esports will face off against

Lec saison finals
The LEc season Finals are nearing its end |©Riot Games

The LEC Season Finals follow a relatively straightforward format, with all games being Best of 5.

Six teams are partaking in a Double Elimination Bracket, where their seedings are based on the accumulated Champion Points. The 1st seed team gets to choose between facing the 3rd or 4th seed teams in Round 1. Meanwhile, the 5th seed team will compete against the lower seed from the upper bracket Round 1 losers, and the 6th seed team will face off against the higher seed team.

Additionally, the teams are vying for qualification to Worlds 2023 in Korea. The top three teams will secure direct qualification, while the fourth-placed team will have to compete in the Worlds Qualifying Series.

Scheduled Matches & Season Finals Locations

There will be two locations, in which the finals are going to take place. The first is the well known LEC Studios in Berlin, Germany, which also hosts the LEC regular season, the LEC group stage, the play-offs and the Split finals. The second location is the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier, France.

The first and second round matches as well as the Winner's Bracket Semifinal are set to take place in the LEC Studios, while the Loser's Bracket Semifinal and the Final itself will be played out in Southern France

A great atmosphere is likely to expect, since the French fans are known to be very dedicated and vocal. More than 14,000 fans can fit into the Sud de France Arena, and tickets were sold quickly. So rip headphone users, if french players are going to reach the finals. 

The next scheduled matches are :

  • G2 vs MAD Lions in the Upper Final, scheduled for September 3, 2023, at 6pm CEST
  • Fnatic Vs Team BDS in the Lower Round 2, scheduled for September 2, 2023, at 6pm CEST

The Lower Final matchup is scheduled for September 9, 2023, at 6pm CEST

The Finals are scheduled for Sunday, September 10, at 6pm CEST

LEC Season Finals : Where To Watch?

The LEC Season Finals will be streamed on multiple platforms|©Riot Games

The LEC Season Finals will be streamed in different languages and across multiple platforms:

All these streams are also available on the LoL esports website, where you can switch between languages and platforms.

LEC Season Finals: The Participating Teams

Well, the time of truth is coming up for the six qualified teams, the best that Europa has to offer. All of them will fight for the Season Finals Championship and for the qualification for the LoL World Championship. Three will qualify directly, while the fourth placed team has to play the Worlds Qualifyiong Series.

A qualification for the Season Finals was possible by winning one of the three LEC Splits or by gathering enough Champion Points across the splits. 

And these are the six Teams:

G2 Esports

G2 caps
G2 Esports are the big favorites after winning the Winter and the Summer Split |©Riot Games

G2 Esports is the absolute Juggernaut of European League of Legends and claimed multiple EU LCS and LEC titles in the last couple of years. In Montpellier, they are the favorites to win it all. The team had a good form throughout the year and on the Winter and Summer Split. So they were already qualified for the Season Finals, but never stopped winning nevertheless.

In their first round match, the roster around star player Rasmus "Caps" Winther has to face Team BDS, in what could be an already deciding game.

MAD Lions

MAD Kaiser BG
MAD Lions won the LEC Spring Split, so they're another huge favorite |©Riot Games

Mad Lions had an underwhelming Summer Split, where they not even qualified for the playoffs, losing to Excel and Fnatic in the group stage. They will now try to regain their form from the Spring split, where they were one of the best teams in the LEC and won the split title.

In their first round match, the team has to face Excel. Surely a though opponent, that reached the finals of the Summer Split recently.

Team BDS

Lec limit bds
LIMIT and Team BDS are looking for their first big title |©Riot Games

Behind Team BDS lies one of their most successful year for the org ever. The roster may not have been able to qualify for the Playoffs but was able to finish within the top 5 of every Split. Including a first place finish in the Spring Split regular season, where they won seven matches, while only losing two.

In the Summer Split BDS lost against Team Heretics in the Lower Bracket Round 2. They could be a dark horse for the Season Finals.


Excel 2023 Summer
Excel gathered enough points to qualify for the Finals |©Riot Games

Excel has done it, despite finishing dead last in the Winter and Spring Split, the roster qualified for the Season Finals. A second place finish in the Summer Split was enough to gather enough Champion Points to do so. Their miracle run in Summer was only stopped by a hefty stomp in the Finals against later winners, G2 Esports.

Now Excel has to compete against MAD Lions in the first round.


Fnatic Razork
Can Razork carry Fnatic to their first LEC title? |©Riot Games

With Fnatic another long-standing giant has qualified for the Season Finals. Despite never winning a title since the LEC rebranding they have to be considered a favorite to win this Season. The momentum might not be on their side tho, since they had a rather underwhelming summer split, with a loss against Excel to stop their playoffs run.

Now the team has to face the loser of the match between G2 and BDS

SK Gaming

Sk gaming 2023 summer
Is SK Gaming a potential dark horse? |©Riot Games

SK Gaming is one of the oldest org within the League of Legends landscape and are looking for their first title in years. The team qualified for the Sesason Finals by gathering enough points to participate. The roster might now have had the best Summer Split and even failed to qualify for the playoffs, but a miracle run is always possible.

They finished third place in the Winter Split, a fifth place in the Spring Split and sixth place in the Summer. You can call this a solid run.

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