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Map Changes Will Change League of Legends In Preseason 2024

News 29-08-2023 15:45

The League of Legends map, Summoner's Rift in particular, has become a second home for many long-standing LoL players over the years. In the past the map got several adjustments which altered its terrain, cap distribution and much more. But since 2014 there hasn't been a "real" rework for the map.

The biggest change in the last years might have been the changing of terrain once the Mountain Dragon was slain by a team. But for the 2024 Season we might finally see some changes for the map. This was announced in the recently uploaded "Dev Update" video on the League of Legends YouTube channel.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

Terrain Adjustments & Changes to Map Objectives - Riot Announces Changes To Summoner's Rift

Summoner's Rift might have become one of the most legendary video game maps in history, maybe even on the same level as Counterstrike's Dust II, one of the most copied map concepts of all time. Many experienced LoL players and probably many players of comparable MOBA's might be able to walk this map even blindfolded.

But since its introduction in 2014, Summer's Rift hasn't received a groundbreaking change or update to its design. But now, nearly a decade after its introduction, LoL's most played map will finally receive some adjustments. This was revealed by the Riot dev Pu "Pupulasers" Liuy in the newest "Dev Update" video.

According to the Riot employee, the team has a lot of new content and changes they are currently working on for the preseason. Over the last couple of years the preseason update has become THE update for bigger changes and adjustments. 

Map Jungle
The good old days and their jungle camps |©Riot Games

Normally introducing new items, champions and other changes. And now it seems like the map is their newest project. Regarding changes for Summoner's Rift, Pupulasers stated,

In terms of what's in preseason, we have a lot of changes that we're working on. We're looking at terrain adjustments to parts of Summoner's Rift, changes to map objectives and significant modifications to the item system.

So these changes could be huge, especially the terrains one, since this was a point many players fond confusing about Summoner's Rift. Sadly there aren't more details about the announced adjustments, so we have to speculate here.

The terrain changes are pretty self explaining, maybe some walls will be added or taken away and maybe even the whole map layout will be changed. So I'm already feeling sorry for the jungle mains, since these guys might have to learn new pathing, jungle clearing and ganking processes.

The changes and adjustments regarding the "map objectives" are also very interesting. It would have been nice from Pupulasers to go a little bit deeper into the details here. Because his definition of "map objectives" is an important point here. 

Baron1 2812
Might htis have been the last Season for Baron Nashor? |©Riot Games

Changes to turrets could be clearly defined as "objective changes", but does he count jungle objectives like the buffs, dragons, Heralds and Barons as well? If that's the case we might even see totally new jungle creeps or epic monsters. 

Surely a small change to the plate system of the turrets might not be enough when talking about map objective changes. But we will see. By the way, if you want to know more about the also mentioned item system changes take a look at Riot will make huge mythic item adjustments in LoL Preseason 2024

So it will be interesting to see, how the changes will look like and how much impact they're going to have on the maps, the meta, the players and everything else on Summoner's Rift. Until an official announcement, let the Reddit Threads burn and the rumors circulating.

Of course, we will keep you up-to-date once more information or details are announced.

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