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Riot Will Make Huge Mythic Item Adjustments In LoL Preseason 2024

Patch Notes 29-08-2023 11:15
2024 Preseason Changes
Huge Mythic Item changes were announced by the LoL Devs|©Riot Games (Montage)

In the last couple of years, the preseason for the upcoming League of Legends split always brought huge changes with it. There were bigger ones, like a completely new design for the Summoner's Rift map or the introduction of new jungle monsters, and a lot of smaller ones like new items, balance changes and so on.

Now, for the 2024 preseason the LoL devs have released their traditional "Dev Update" video on YouTube, in which they talk about the newest adjustment for our favorite MOBA. And there is a rather big one coming up, that especially regards the Mythic Items of the game. 

LoL Preseason 2024: Mythic Item Changes Coming Soon

The League of Legends season is in its last legs with the upcoming finals of the LEC Season Finals, the upcoming Worlds 2023 Qualifying Series between NA and EU and the World Championship itself. And as usual many players are eagerly awaiting news regarding the preseason, in which the biggest changes for the game normally happen.

Well, and a lot of these upcoming changes were now announced by the two well-known Riot employees Jeremy "Riot Brightmoon" Lee and Andrei "Riot Meddler" Van Roon in their newest "Dev Update" video. This time they were joined by Pu "Pupulasers" Liuy, who talked specifically about one of the most important parts of the preseason changes – the situation of the Mythic Item System.

Lo L Mythic Items
The Mythic Items in League of Legends |©League of Legends Wiki/ Riot Games

Pupulasers pointed out many aspects on which the devs were working on, like terrain adjustments, map objectives and "significant modifications to the item system". It sounds like there is a lot of new stuff coming up for the game and its players. Regarding the rework of the Mythic Item system, Pupulasers stated,

Earlier this year we said that we weren't happy with how Mythic Items landed, and that we were open to removing the system entirely, if the changes implemented didn't bring us closer to where we wanted it to be. And well they didn't, so starting in January 2024 Mythic Items will be removed from League of Legends

The dev follows up with an explanation on why the current system is having problems, or is at least making problems for "half of the champion roster",

Trying to serve the needs of a bunch of different champions in class with a few Mythic items has proven to be really challenging and while it works pretty well for about half the roster the other half is left with items that don't feel really right for them or have their creativity stifled.

According to "Pupulaser"s the Mythic item tier will be removed entirely, but the items itself will be adjusted to be "exciting options rather than prescriptive centerpieces",

While the Mythic item tier will be removed, we will be adjusting current Mythic items that players really like to be exciting options rather than prescriptive centerpieces. So that means, you can go back to buying Infinity Edge with Trinity Force if you like.

After that announcement, Pupulasers also teased more upcoming changes that players would learn about later, in a full reveal which apparently is "coming soon". 

Heimerdinger 2
How will the new item system lool like? |©Riot Games

Well, obviously these are some big changes for the upcoming season. But we guess that many players will be happy about the fresh air for the item system, since the lack of creativity was one of the biggest problems that fans were pointing out, when talking about needed changes for 2024.

It will be interesting to see, how the new item system might work out and especially which former Mythic items will stay popular. Also interesting is Pupulasers announcement that "popular" Mythic items will be reworked. So the question is, what's going to happen to the rarely built items?

At the moment, on the future will show it. So we have to wait for the announced "full reveal", which apparently is coming rather sooner than later. Until then, let the speculations and rumors running wild.

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