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Riot Confirms: League of Legends Is Getting A New Game Mode in 2023

More 16-01-2023 14:20
New Twisted Treeline Map
Okay that's nice, but when is Twisted Treeline going to be a rotating game mode? | © Riot Games

Riot have finally released a statement regarding their silence throughout the entire 2022 League of Legends season. Why were there no game modes? No skins for the map and any other things for the casual player base? 

Thanks to the LoL Season 13 cinematic being unanimously hated by the community, Riot seems to have finally realized that they will have to communicate with their player base if they want to improve the state of the game, and that's what they did when they released a short video on Twitter detailing what went wrong throughout 2022. 


Game Modes Team Getting Back on Track for 2023

As outlined by Reav3 in a Reddit post last week, the game modes team has been on life support for a while, with many of the people working on modes, having moved to other IPs, like Teamfight Tactics, while others took the COVID-19 pandemic as a time to go on new endeavours. 

In the video Riot posted on Friday onto their social media, with Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler discussing what had happened in the last year, this same rhetoric was echoed once more. 

They did state though, that throughout 2022 the mode's team has been resurrected and filled back up with new and fresh talent, ready to give players something exciting and new to play. 

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In 2023 Riot will be bringing us a brand-new game mode. This game mode will be an eight-person 2v2v2v2 battle on a new map according to the information we've received from Riot. 

This mode should be ready for Summer 2023, which means it could be the designated game mode for the large 2023 summer event. SkinSpotlights, who is known for their work on showing new skins, as well as data mining information from the PBE, has also stated that it looked like Riot was working on a new game mode on the Nexus Blitz map. This could be that game mode. 

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The game mode will also be a part of a huge event that won't include a visual novel as Riot Meddler explained on Reddit after the video went up on Twitter. It's also mentioned that a new thematic will be a part of the event, so it won't be a re-run of other popular events like Odyssey or PROJECT. 

Riot seems to be making an effort to try and get back to what casual LoL fans loved with events. Now that their modes team has found their footing we hope to see some more diverse events in the future. 

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