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Caedrel is all of us

LoL: "Smash Smash Smash" - Caedrel Loses It Over Faker Photos

More 05-05-2023 12:30
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LoL: Caedrel is all of us at the sight of these Faker photos. | © Riot Games

LoL MSI 2023 is underway and former League of Legends pro, turned caster and streamer, Marc Robert "Caedrel" Lamont is co-streaming the event from his home. During his most-recent stream he became a literal fanboy, but can we really blame him?

The biggest teams are revealing their MSI 2023 jerseys and looks as they make their way to London for the big tournament, and T1 brought a little too much fire for Caedrel to handle. 

LoL: Caedrel Fawns Over Faker's "Drip" 

T1 have recently revealed their uniforms for the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational with photos of the players in the new looks and the image of Faker has made waves on Twitter with fans praising the looks and the styling. One person in particular didn't hide his enthusiasm for Faker's look. 

As he was co-streaming MSI 2023, Caedrel caught sight of the pictures of Faker on Twitter and couldn't hold back the compliments. 

Faker's got that drip. Rate Faker's Rizz, it's a fucking 11. Rizz Lord Faker, get a man who can dress like this, look like this, and win Worlds 3 times! 

Of course, Caedrel wasn't the only one thirsting over the images, with his chat also going wild when Caedrel showed the images on the screen. What word best described Faker in this new look according to chat? "Daddy" seemed to have been used the most. 

Caedrel managed to compose himself and continue his stream of MSI 2023, and he will continue to showcase the event. The main bracket stage of the event, where Faker and T1 will participate is set to kick off on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. 

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