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LoL: The Best Gnar Skins

Skins 22-01-2024 17:40

Gnar is such a cute little rascal. That is until he gets a big angry where he evolves into a …well he is still cute but a lot bigger and quite ferocious. Here are my personal top 5 best Gnar skins in League of Legends. 

Gnar Original Skin
Gnar is a primitive lil yordle. | © Riot Games

Gnar is by far the cutest top laner out there (sorry Teemo). His childish rascal attitude and his design make for really fun skin concepts. His transformation into a strong, big monster opens up a lot of very creative opportunities in terms of skin design. In general, Gnar has some amazing skins, and we are going to rank his top 5 here. 

LoL: The Best Gnar Skins

5. Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman gnar
HE HAS A MONOCLE. | © Riot Games

The creativity is almost unmatched already, and we're only on spot 5. This is an incredible 975 RP skin. Instead of a Boomerang, he throws his walking stick and his Q becomes a little watch. Once he is enraged, he throws a whole clock instead. It even has the fantastic 12 o'clock sound when hitting. But most important is that he always wears his cylinder hat. The recalls are the absolute best as well, and I highly recommend you check that skin out.

4. Dino Gnar

You can even see Katarina and Garen in this Splashart. | © Riot Games

Dino Gnar is incredibly as it really fits the fun and cute champion design. With the skin, you turn into Gnar's Toy Dinosaur fantasy. This skin is also 975 RP, but I highly recommend picking up some chromas for it, as it transforms the entire thing. 

Whenever he gets angry, his onesie turns from purple to red, and he starts wearing his cape as a mask. During his recalls, he acts like Godzilla and destroys toy blocks and even a helicopter in his Mega-Gnar Form. If you look hard enough you can catch a lot of references to Monsters, Inc. and Skylanders as well as the Care Bears.

3. Snow Day Gnar

Gnar Snow Day Skin
Just Gnar and his Friends having fun in the snow. | © Riot Games

ANOTHER 975 RP SKIN!? Yes! Hear me out. Gnar in winter clothes is just adorable already, but his animations are also top-notch. Whenever his rage fills from throwing too many Ice Picks, it starts snowing around him until he transforms into a big Siberian Husky. As if the dog isn't cute enough already, his Q turns into a huge Ice block with a Penguin frozen inside. 

2. Super Galaxy Gnar

Super Galaxy Gnar Skin HD
He could never steer a Rocket but that doesnt mean he cant try! | © Riot Games

This was my favourite Gnar skin for quite a while. Well, until Elderwood got released. I'm already a huge fan of Mecha skins, and this one just fits perfectly. I love the metallic sound design and also the design of his Mega-Gnar Robot. 

But even as Mini-Gnar you have a fantastic skin on your hands. Gnar comes equipped with a lil Laser Pistol, but since the Yordle obviously doesn't know how guns work, he just throws it at you. Isn't that absolutely adorable?!

1. Elderwood Gnar

Elderwood Gnar Splash
Aint he the cutest? | © Riot Games

This skin is absolute perfection for Gnar. The sound design is incredible, and the visuals are even better. If you look at the splash art, you can also see Tibbers below him in the branches. He bears a bit of a resemblance to a Cubone or Marowak Pokémon, or even King Clawthorne from Disney's “The Owl House”. In his Mega-Gnar form, he kind of reminds me of ancient ruins, as he has different building parts all over him as armor. 

I absolutely adore the design in game as well and highly recommend grabbing a few chromas for this skin. He also has heterochromia in his in-game model and the splash art, which means that his eyes have a different color. 

Do you agree with my list? What are your favourite Gnar skins?

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