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LoL: The Best Jhin Skins

Skins 04-05-2024 12:00

Jhin has so many cool skins, but which ones are the best for this LoL champion?

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LoL: These are the best Jhin skins! | © Riot Games

Art should terrify! Jhin's fantasy has most certainly done exactly that: terrify his players and opponents alike. Unfortunately, Riot are also terrifying their community with a questionable skin release right now. Because of that, we only think it's fair to give you fair and cheap alternatives. These are the best Jhin skins in League of Legends.

Jhin is the embodiment of perfection. Everything he does always has to be immaculate. This is why his performances leave a lasting impression, and so will you if you pilot him perfectly in your games. However, execution is not everything – make sure to perfect your looks with the best Jhin skins in League of Legends!

Not only do you not need to engage in gacha activities with these beautiful skins, you can also pick them up right now! Well, with the exception of his SKT T1 skin and his Damwon Gaming skin, but those two are not featured on this list. They are still pretty skins, so you have no reason to be disappointed if you receive them from a Hextech reroll.

These Are The Best Jhin Skins In League of Legends

Let's dive into our ranking, shall we?

3. High Noon Jhin

High noon jhin
It's high noon! | © Riot Games

I can already hear your surprise about this specific pick. "Wait, isn't this skin super old? Wasn't this his release skin? How did this skin make it into the top three?" Let me explain.

On the outside, Jhin is immaculate and artistic. However, High Noon Jhin brings a completely different vibe – and it also encapsulates the original fantasy behind Deadeye, the trigger-happy cowboy cyborg who has later evolved into our famous artist, Khada Jhin! 

Despite being more than seven years old, this skin really looks pretty in-game. Additionally, it also feels amazing to play – many Jhin OTPs still play this skin on the regular because it just feels incredibly smooth and satisfying to play with! It is also affordable at a price of 1350 RP. If you do not find yourself despising the cowboy fantasy, you can not set a foot wrong with High Noon Jhin!

2. Empyrean Jhin

Empyrean Jhin
The future is now, and it is looking to destroy you. | © Riot Games

Just like every other Jhin skin, Empyrean Jhin has went on to be an astounding success with the community! And by this time, we have also forgiven Riot for giving his well deserved Prestige skin to K'Sante! I promise I am not salty about that anymore! 

As another epic skin, Empyrean Jhin is available at 1350 RP. These RP are definitely well invested, because this skin feels amazing to play! It also gives you an eerie feeling, as the electric-fiery noises that resemble his voicelines make you uncertain if everything around you is actually stable or about to collapse to his art...

1. Dark Cosmic Jhin

Dark cosmic jhin wallpaper
The universe was born in fire, and in Jhin's hands it will die. | © Riot Games

Picture yourself outside on a warm summer night. The moon is at the start of its new cycle, and darkness surrounds you while you are laying in the grass, gazing into the stars. Millions of them make for amazing constellations. But there is something else. What do you see?

One of the stars... it seems like it is staring back at you. You can not help but keep your eyes on it... even as it becomes brighter and brighter. 

Huh. What was that? Did the stars around it just... move? No, that is impossible. But there is no way to check, this one star keeps you in its bane...

All of a sudden, you hear a deep, harrowing laugh. It sounds like the cosmos itself is laughing! Just as the laugh ends, you hear a choire... and a violin. What is going on? You still can not take your eyes off this one star...

And then. He reveals himself.

A gigantic celestial being, staring down at you from space. He is coming down from his celestial home. He is coming for you.

You try to run away, but he already has you under his control. He talks about art, about your purpose, but you are too terrified to listen to any of these words. And then... he reveals his pistol.

This is Dark Cosmic Jhin, and he has come to make you part of his celestial canvas of pain, anguish and eternal beauty. 

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Dark Cosmic Jhin is available for 1820 RP and is definitely a candidate for the best skin in all of League of Legends. Become the destroyer of worlds by picking up this beautiful skin!

These are our favorite skins for Jhin. Which one do you like the most?

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