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LoL: The Best Kai'Sa Skins

Champions 15-08-2023 14:55
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These are the best Kai'Sa skins in League of Legends! | © Riot Games

Kai'Sa continues to be one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. Obviously, this means we need to answer a very important question: Which are the best Kai'Sa skins?

The void girl is not only popular due to her current power level. Her kit is really fun to play, and she is conventionally attractive. Apart from that, she is a reliable marksman that can outplay the most annoying assassins. Thanks to all of those factors, she has seen huge popularity since her release in early 2018. 

If you want to get into a fight with Kai'Sa, we can only recommend doing so with the appropriate skin. Use one of those three skins if you want to impress every other player in your lobby!

These Are The Best Kai'Sa Skins In League of Legends

Let's dive into our ranking, shall we?

3. Star Guardian Kai'Sa

Star Guardian Kaisaa
*plays Star Guardian theme* | © Riot Games

With her sheer number of skins, it is no surprise that she was blessed with a legendary skin eventually. Nothing would fit better than the Star Guardian skin line, which has seen many great skins over the years!

While Star Guardian Kai'Sa is not quite as edgy as her Star Guardian colleague Akali, she is still pretty to look at! This skin is definitely your best bet if you like pink. Apart from that, her voicelines and her general Star Guardian fantasy have been executed well. The only thing missing to make this skin perfect is a slight bit of spice, but we are definitely not complaning about the absense of that.

2. Invictus Gaming Kai'Sa

Kaisa splash1
Still the prettiest World Championship skin out there. Maybe Rakan is in that discussion too. | © Riot Games

While one of her older skins, Invictus Gaming Kai'Sa has aged incredibly well and is still one of the prettiest skins in all of League of Legends! This skin commemorates the 2018 World Championship title won by bot laner Yu 'JackeyLove' Wen-Bo. 

Kai'Sa shares this skin line with Irelia, Fiora, Camille, LeBlanc and Rakan. While all of their skins are absolutely beautiful, we do have a soft spot for Kai'Sa in particular. It is also very affordable at 1350 RP, but you will have to wait for the World Championship to come around to be able to purchase it. You may get lucky in your Hextech rerolls, so test your luck there!

1. Prestige K/DA ALL OUT Kai'Sa

Prestige KDA All Out Kaisa
Ain't nobody bringing her down. | © Riot Games

The K/DA squad has made a glorious return with their All Out project in 2020! As compensation for players who did not get their hands on the original Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa, Riot introduced another prestige skin for the Void girl.

Amazingly, this Prestige skin managed to outshine her original one! It checks all the boxes and does absolutely everything right. Your teenage dream came true, and it is on your screen now. 

The only downside to this skin is that you can not purchase it by regular means. However, it does occasionally return to the Mythic Shop in your Hextech Crafting menu, so make sure to keep an eye out for her!

These are our favorite skins for Kai'Sa. Which one do you like the most?

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