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She may purge with silver, but her skins are pure gold!

LoL: The Best Vayne Skins

Skins 16-09-2023 09:30

There is not a single bot lane champion as synonymous with flashy plays as Vayne. Are you really a montage player if you have never scored a pentakill on her? It is understandable that you're trying to get a penta now, but make sure to look absolutely immaculate with one of the best Vayne skins in League of Legends!

Arclight Vayne Splash HD
LoL: The best Vayne skins might not feature Arclight Vayne, but it's still pretty! | © Riot Games

If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who're you gonna call? That's right, as League players, we call Vayne

Vayne is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and has many fans, but also many haters. She is incredibly good at shredding frontliners, but is also the only champion in League of Legends that does not have a single multi-target spell. Can you believe this?

The Night Hunter is one of the most exciting champions to watch and always brings out cheers when a pro player picks her on stage. It is only right that Riot are supporting her with many amazing skins – and you will not have to look any further than this to find the best Vayne skins in League of Legends

These Are The Best Vayne Skins In League of Legends

Let's dive into our ranking, shall we?

3. Sentinel Vayne

Sentinel Vayne
For Demacia. | © Riot Games

You simply can't go wrong with black and gold! Sentinel Vayne is the living evidence that fighting evil in style is not just possible, but absolutely mandatory. 

This is not even solely down to the amazing Sentinel skin line. Among all Sentinel skins, Vayne can definitely claim to be one of the greatest! Unfortunately though, she doesn't have time for our compliments. There's a Ruined King and thousands of his minions to fight.

Acquire this skin now – it's available for 1820 RP!

2. Firecracker Vayne

Firecracker Vayne splash
I gotta admit, this one is a personal favorite. | © Riot Games

What better way to celebrate the Chinese new year than with Firecracker Vayne? While she is definitely not as chill in-game as on this splash art, Vayne doesn't fail at bringing the celebrations to the Rift. 

Unfortunately, this skin is seasonally locked. You will have to wait for the next Chinese new year to acquire it. When it rolls around, make sure that you have 1350 RP left to purchase it!

However, this is not the only version of this skin. Firecracker Vayne also comes in a Prestige Edition, which may soon come to the Mythic Essence shop...

And for all original owners of Prestige Firecracker Vayne: try out her 2022 special edition!

1. PROJECT: Vayne

Project vayne hd
There was no way we'd leave this one out. | © Riot Games

Watch out, Vayne now comes in high tech! While she may be altered by machines, PROJECT: Vayne is certainly not corrupted by them. Instead, she is taking her newly acquired weapons to fight back at them in style!

This skin does not only come with a new model and fantastic voice lines. Upon using your R – Final Hour, you also get additional on-screen effects that elevate your gameplay experience to unmatched levels! If that is not the perfect environment to score a pentakill in, what else will Riot have to offer?

Just like most other legendary skins, it is available for purchase at 1820 RP

These are our favorite skins for Vayne. Which one do you like the most?

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