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Bang Bang Bang!

League of Legends: Most Memorable K-Pop References

Champions 25-04-2024 11:29

League of Legends has a history of mixing music with their game. Thanks to K/DA we also got one of the best crossovers ever. But has Riot been able to sneak in other K-Pop references into their game?

Kpop references in lol
Yes, Twice is on the list guys. | © Riot Games/D4Cgrapher

With so many champions in the game, there are quite a few references which some players might miss. We've already looked into the specifics of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and who references this anime, but today we've decided to tackle K-Pop to see which champions might have references to the popular music genre. 

So, sit back, relax and have your favorite K-Pop spotify playlist on repeat. Some references might be clear as day, while others could be hidden from less-known groups and singers. You never know, you might find your next favorite K-Pop group thanks to Riot Games, eh? 


League of Legends: K-Pop References In The Game

5. SKT T1 Jhin - Bang Bang Bang

The most obvious K-Pop reference is probably the champion recall of SKT T1 Jhin. Not only is it a World Championship skin, and one of the best to date, but it also belongs to the former SKT T1 bot laner Bae "Bang" Jun-shik. With this skin, he managed to include the popular dance from the most famous K-Pop group — Big Bang. (Yes I went there...) 

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At the time, one of the biggest songs from the boy group was Bang Bang Bang, which fit perfectly to the champion Jhin (though one bang is missing since Jhin is all about the number four), as well as the player who was choosing this skin. The champion recall emulates the famous 'bang bang bang' dance from Big Bang and it all comes together perfectly with this champion skin. 

 4. Elementalist Lux - Dance

Elementalist Lux just has a multitude of K-Pop dances integrated into her kit. This is one of the best ultimate skins in the game, so we would hope that she has some great dance animations and they really do not disappoint. Everyone who is a K-Pop fan will remember just how iconic Gfriends Me Gusta Tu was and to have this dance included in the skin is perfect. 

Elementalist Lux Wallpaper
GFRIEND, CLC and Taeyeon come together in this skin. | © Riot Games

Not only does Elementalist Lux have the Gfriend dance included, but also Pepe by CLC, as well as Why from Taeyeon, who is a member of Girls Generation, one of the most iconic K-Pop girl groups out there. She dances all three combined together, creating a fun and unique dance unlike any other ones out there. If you managed to catch all three dance references, then you can definitely call yourself a K-Pop stan... I cringe just at writing that last sentence. 


3. Syndra - Girls Generation Hoot

Since we were just talking about Girls Generation, we should stay on topic and keep going, right? So, are there any more Girls Generation references in League of Legends? Yes, yes there are. We could make a whole separate article just to mention them all, because there are a lot, but one we cannot overlook is Syndra and her dance emote. 

Syndra new splash art
I love these references so much. | © Riot Games

Girls Generation is iconic and Syndra is one of the most beloved mid lane champions as well, so it makes sense for her to also have a dance emote referencing the queens of K-Pop, right? Syndra emulates the dance to the 2010 song Hoot by Girls Generation. Honestly, the animations fit so well and the dance is amazing. Who would have known that these gems could be found in League of Legends? 

2. Star Guardian Ahri - Dance 

Just like Elementalist Lux, Star Guardian Ahri brings together three different K-Pop dances for her own. We all know and love Orange Caramel as well as Twice. The most famous dance Riot added to Star Guardian Ahri is the one for Cheer Up, which is the song that put Twice on the map. Twice's Signal and and Orange Caramel's Magic Girl are also part of her dance emote. 

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Especially the 'shy shy shy' part from Twice's Sana stands out with the dance and fits perfectly into the concept of Star Guardian Ahri, making her look incredible and stand out. So, if you're a fan of Twice, this is probably a skin you'll want to pick up when you're in the LoL shop next time. Maybe once more Star Guardian skins get released by Riot you can add this one to your collection. 


1. Twisted Fate - Gangnam Style 

In 2013 Psy's Gangnam style swept the world and becmae the biggest hit in the span of a few months. Even people who had never heard of K-Pop before were aware of the song and it put the genre on the map even for the mainstream, so of course, Riot had to include this song in some way, shape or form, right? Well, they sure did and gave Twisted Fate a new dance. 

Twisted Fate 0
He might look mysterious, but once he dances... | © Riot Games

Twisted Fate now does the famous 'horse dance' from the song Gangnam Style by Psy. Honestly, who would have thought that a champion like Twisted Fate. He might be known for his gambling, but his dancing should also be noted. Is it canon that he's an incredibly cringe dancer? Hopefully it is, because it would be too funny. 

So, those are some K-Pop references we have found that are available in-game. Test them out to see if you like them. Which champions should get some more K-Pop references? When are we getting a in-game BTS emote by the way? Or maybe some more Twice dance animations? Riot, please get on that. 

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