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The Mythic Shop will get two mythic chromas, one of them was never seen before.

LoL: Two Mythic Chromas in New Shop Rotation

Skins 12-07-2023 13:19
Lol dunkmaster darius
Two Mythic Chromas will be added to the upcoming Mythic Shop! |© Riot Games

Apparently, two mythic chromas will be added to the Mythic Shop in the upcoming update. One of them has never been seen before, the other one is an old acquaintance. 

Two Mythic Chromas Added to Shop

League of Legends fans all around the world, pay attention, please. There will be two new mythic chromas in the upcoming Mythic Shop rotation. The first is for one of the most popular skins in-game and the other one was sadly seen once before.

According to the well known LoL leaks Twitter account "Julex Gameplays", Dunkmaster Darius and Final Boss Veigar are safe to be in the Mythic Shop update. This was later confirmed by the loot files.

The Dunkmaster Darius chroma will celebrate his debut in the shop, while the Final Boss Veigar chroma makes his return. So fans of the little mage will have the chance to purchase this rare chroma once more.  Dunkmaster Darius is one of the most used skins for Darius, so it was only a question of time until he gets a chroma.

Let's see how much mythic essence we will have to pay, to get this juicy chromas. But maybe you should start to safe some, just to be prepared.

It will be interesting to see, which skins might get a chroma in the future.

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