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Edward Gaming has sued his former star player Scout over contract disagreements

EDG Sues Former Star Player

Esports 11-07-2023 13:21
Scout Finals 2021 Worlds
Edward Gaming has sued Scout | © Riot Games

Edward Gaming has sued its former star player Lee "Scout" Ye-chan over contract disagreements. This was revealed by the LPL Fanclub Twitter page and the website bbs.hupu.com, apparently showing official documents.

Edward Gaming Sues Scout

EDG has sued the mid laner over contract disputes. Scout was part of the EDG roster for more than 6 years (March 2016 to December 2022). After his long term stint with EDG, Scout moved to LNG Esports.

Further context was later given by EDG's owner Edward himself, who apparently said: 

After winning Worlds, we tried to remain the roster for at least another year, so we raised the salary of most people. Scout signed another contract with an LCK team while he was still in contract with us.

This would mean a breach of conduct by Scout or the other Team (most likely LNG), since it's not allowed to negotiate with a contracted player without informing his team before.

It will be interesting to see how this situation might develop in the next couple of weeks, and if Scout or LNG will get any sanctions. At the moment everybody is waiting for an official statement or reaction by Scout, LNG or Riot Games. Of course, we will keep you up-to-date.

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