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As fast as a mountain can move, really.

LoLdle Classic, Quote, Ability, Splash Art Solution & More - March 13

Yeah, shoot the mountain with a bow and arrow | © Riot Games

LoLdle is a spin-off game based on Wordle and is based on Riot Games' League of Legends and its many champions and their quotes. With daily resets on the quiz, it tests the knowledge about the obscure, and obvious, game facts of every League of Legends player.

In today's challenges, the questions are easy to answer in hindsight. It's always the case though, as they say, so what are the answers to LoLdle on March 13?

LoLdle March 13 - Top Lane Champion

The epitome of a top lane champion, in the early days, was the moving mountain we have as the champion we need to guess today. Nowadays his use is a bit more limited though.

The LoLdle champion we need to guess on March 13, is Malphite, a 2009 male top lane champion. The full roster of his description is as follows:

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Top Lane
  • Species: Golem
  • Resource: Mana
  • Ranged Type: Melee
  • Regions: Shurima, Ixtal
  • Release Year: 2009

By far the most creative Malphite skin | © Riot Games

Old champions that have not had their models upgraded significantly in recent times always suffer from their in-game models having ungainly and stuttering movements and weird ability interactions.

Malphite is one of the few where this works to his advantage, to an extent. As a golem who was not designed to be such, but is instead a fragment of a fortress designed to battle the Void, he has become our favorite protector of Runeterra.

LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution March 13 - True appetite never wanes

Though he is not one of oldest League of Legends championshe is one of the oldest beings in the League of Legends universe, though his form was not always the same.

The League of Legends champion who says: "True appetite never wanes", is Tahm Kench, the giant catfish that looks like a mockery of a gentleman, who definitely does not have your best interest at heart.

Tahm Kench
Sure, make a deal with a huge catfish, what could go wrong | © Riot Games

There are gods and devils prowling Runeterra, sowing discord, and chaos wherever they roam. Some of them are imprisoned, and their power is siphoned for the forces of good while others are still free.

One of the minor demons still on the loose, is Tahm Kench. He feeds on the misery of others and has done so from time immemorial. He travels across Runeterra like a vagabond, sating his hunger. The fact that he is a minor demon though, does not mean he is not still very dangerous.

LoLdle Ability Solution March 13 - Relentless Force

It's quite obvious in retrospect, whether you're playing LoLdle on hard mode or not, whom this ability belongs to, as it shows the telltale gloves of the champion in question.

The champion who has the Relentless Force ability is Vi. It's her E ability, and the one that makes us oh so mad, when we're playing anything squishy with a carry potential, as his R followed with a crit from this ability is enough to obliterate us.

Arcane did an incredible job giving this champion some life | © Riot Games

Vi is one of the champions that has gone through an incredible journey of the League of Legends lore. From the early days of being a generic fantasy character, using mining gloves to bring justice where other wouldn't to the expansion her character received with the release of Arcane.

Now, alongside Jinx, their relationship of siblings and rivals is known to an audience wider than the League of Legends player base, and her allegiances are heavily debated. Is she a traitor, or someone turning her life around?

LoLdle March 13 Emoji Solution - Chains

The emoji challenge is the newest addition to the LoLdle roster of guesses, and perhaps the most fun one, seeing as all League of Legends champions have something that is particular to themselves.

The LoLdle Emoji Solution for March 13 is Sylas, who is described by an emoji of chains, and an angry face. The first emoji, was enough to give a guess as to who it might be, however.

Though he steals ults, it was Galio who stole the show in this cinematic | © Riot Games

Sylas is the man leading the mage uprising of Demacia, after working with mage seekers as a child, identifying his mage-born kin for them to catch and imprison. Now, after being betrayed by the system he served and his imprisonment, he seeks revenge.

The only hiccup is the fact that he will not stop at anything to get it, not even betraying the one that loved him. And with his employment of Freljordian mercenaries, has he taken the saying that revenge is a dish best-served cold a bit too literally?

LoLdle March 13 Splash Art Solution - Heartseeker skin

The skin splash art solution on LoLdle for March 13 is Heartseeker Vayne. And while w knew immediately which skin that was, it's not one that can be guessed easily, due to its nature.

How about no | © Riot Games

All we could see from the picture was that it was a scantily dressed woman. And, well, for a monster hunter filled with hate who killed her own monster-hunting teacher when she turned out to be able to transform into a wolf, there is just no way to connect Vayne with heartseeker skins.