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LoLdle Classic, Quote, Ability, Splash Art Solution & More - December 12

Skins 12-12-2023 15:06
Jax angler
If you see this Jax skin on an opponent, run | © Riot Games

LoLdle is a spin-off game based on Wordle and is based on Riot Games' League of Legends and its many champions and their quotes. With daily resets on the quiz, it tests the knowledge about the obscure, and obvious, game facts of every League of Legends player.

In today's challenges, the questions are easy to answer in hindsight. It's always the case though, as they say, so what are the answers to LoLdle today, on December 12?

LoLdle December 12 - 2009 Male Champion

Today's classic challenge features one of the League of Legends' most overpowered champions, with only ranged top laners being hated more than him, by top lane mains.

The LoLdle champion we need to guess on December 12, is Jax, a 2009 top lane champion. The full roster of his description is as follows:

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Jungle, Top Lane
  • Species: Unknown
  • Resource: Mana
  • Ranged Type: Melee
  • Regions: Icathia, Runeterra, Shurima
  • Release Year: 2009

The biggest Void incursion in the history of Runeterra was orchestrated by the Icathians, during their uprising against the rule of the Shuriman Empire, not knowing just who or what they were summoning.

The disaster was so large, that Ixtal sequestered itself from the world, thinking it was destroyed. The only remaining survivor of Icathia and the rebellion is Jax. Wielding a traditional Icathan battle-staff capable of driving back the Void, he searches Runeterra for powerful champions, capable of helping his quest.

LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution December 12 - The dance is deadly.

Champion quotes in League of Legends reveal to us additional details about our favorite champions, and today's quote only reinforces what we already know about this champion.

The League of Legends champion who says: "The dance is deadly.", is Rakan, and it was easy to guess, seeing as he constantly emphasizes how superior Vastayan dancing magic is, compared to human's rigid rules.

Dragonmancer Rakan Prestige
How do you get those abs, when your favorite food is chocolate | © Riot Games

The story of Xayah and Rakan are intertwined, with their meeting happening by chance in a remote village in Ionia, where RAkana's antics helped Xayah accomplish her freedom-fighting mission.

From then on, he tagged along, and acted as the bait, and the red herring, to Xayah's hook. The duo is now inseparable, fighting for the freedom of the First Lands, and not just from Noxus.

LoLdle Ability Solution December 12 - Cull the Meek

Whether you're playing LoLdle on hard mode or not it's easy to guess who this ability belongs to since the ability icon in question features a recognizable, and extremely menacing weapon.

The champion who has the Cull the Meek ability is Renekton. It's his Q ability and the one that shows just how old Renekton is, as it swings his weapon around him, and heals for a percentage of the damage dealt. Now compare that to someone like K'Sante.

Renekton is a tortured existence, who Ascended only because he was the only one brave enough to risk his own life, and carry Nasus into the power of he Sun Disc. And, for the past few thousand years, he has grown mad due to Xerath's whispers, after he once sacrificed himself to seal him in a tomb.

So, him being a maddened beast, is not really his fault. But, we kinda find it difficult to empathize with him, when his Q is called Cull the Meek.

LoLdle December 12 Emoji Solution - Sleepy Bubble

The emoji challenge is the newest addition to the LoLdle roster of guesses, and perhaps the most fun one, seeing as all League of Legends champions have something that is particular to themselves.

The LoLdle Emoji Solution for December 12 is Zoe, and she is described by an emoji of the letter z, an emoji of a bubble, and an emoji of a girl. All of these describe Zoe's design, in a straightforward manner.

This is one of the most powerful existences in the world | © Riot Games

Zoe is the newest Aspect of Twilight, one of the most powerful Targonian Aspects, whose previous incarnation taught mortals how to seal the Darkin in their weapons. And the requirements for becoming one, are insane.

And not insane in the manner of being difficult, but insane in the manner of the Aspect of Twilight picking literal children to give them incredible cosmic might. Of course, it does so after first establishing that they have no concept of responsibility or decision-making.

In essence, Zoe as a whole just seems so annoying, just like she is in-game.

LoLdle December 12 Splash Art Solution - Default Skin

The skin splash art solution on LoLdle for December 12 is the Default Kai'Sa Skin Splash. Today's hint started from the right part of the picture, showing us enough to recognize a default LoL skin.

ADC Kai Sa2
We have Blue Beetle at home, and it's actually better | © Riot Games

Default League of Legends skins show us just how much information all LoL players have in their mind, when it comes to League. After all, we can recognize any default LoL skin at a glance, just by seeing one part of it.

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