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"Krakens cry when you slice their throats... haunting sound."

LoLdle Classic, Quote, Ability, Splash Art Solution & More - October 3

Skins 03-10-2023 13:30
Pyke 0
Any end to that list? | © Riot Games

LoLdle is a spin-off game based on Wordle and is based on Riot Games' League of Legends and its many champions and their quotes. With daily resets on the quiz, it tests the knowledge about the obscure, and obvious, game facts of every League of Legends player.

In today's challenges, the questions are easy to answer in hindsight. It's always the case though, as they say, so what are the answers to LoLdle today, on October 3?

LoLdle October 3 - 2018 Male Champion

Today's classic challenge features one of the most annoying League of Legends championsboth from the perspective of those that play against him, as well as those that play as him.

The LoLdle champion we need to guess on October 3, is Pyke, a 2018 support champion. The full roster of his description is as follows:

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Support
  • Species: Revenant
  • Resource: Mana
  • Ranged Type: Melee
  • Regions: Bilgewater
  • Release Year: 2018
Ashen knight pyke
The only actually good Ashen Knight skin | © Riot Games

Making his living as a fisherman in Bilgewater, acting s both bait and hook when catching Krakens, Pyke was betrayed by his crew for unknown reasons, and left for dead in the maw of a Kraken.

Brought back to life by Nagakabouros, to act out his vengeance, and serve the interest of this powerful, but strange, godlike LoL being. After all, there is no way that there could be as many people on his ship, as there are on his list.

LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution October 3 - A new moon is rising.

Champion quotes in League of Legends reveal to us additional details about our favorite champions, though today's quote only reinforces what we already know about this champion.

The League of Legends champion who says: "A new moon is rising.", is Diana, and it was a pretty easy guess, seeing as there aren't that many champions that are part of the Lunarii, to be found in LoL.

Diana 0
Surprisingly serviceable-looking armor | © Riot Games

Born at Mount Targon, a land ruled by the Solarii, who harbored prejudice for her for reasons unknown, Diana found her true calling later in life. A chosen of the Lunarii, a people the Solarii had been exterminating for centuries.

Now, with power at her fingertips, she has set out to right the wrongs and find the final bastion of the Lunarii, to reunite her people with herself, the newest Aspect of the Moon!

LoLdle Ability Solution October 3 - Prophet of an Elder God

Whether you're playing LoLdle on hard mode or not it's easy to guess who this ability belongs to, since the ability in question is easily recognizable due to the fact that it clearly shows a tentacle.

The champion who has the Prophet of an Elder God ability is Illaoi. It's her passive ability and the one that allows her to spawn all those tentacles in lane, that are just waiting to bonk you on the head!

Where Nautilus and Pyke are circumstantial servants of Nagakabouros, the deity that made its home near Bilgewater and whose origins are unknown, Illaoi is part of a cult that openly worships it.

She is, in fact, its High Priestess, wielding a sacred artifact that allows her to harness a portion of Nagakabouros' power, channeling it into pulverizing her enemies, either by tentacles or its heft!

LoLdle October 3 Emoji Solution - Demon Sword

The emoji challenge is the newest addition to the LoLdle roster of guesses, and perhaps the most fun one, seeing as all League of Legends champions have something that is particular to themselves.

The LoLdle Emoji Solution for October 3 is Aatrox, and he is described by an emoji of a demon, the emoji of a sword, and the emoji of a bandaid, signifying healing. All of these describe Aatrox's design in a straightforward manner.

Victorious aatrox
Is this his Ascended look? | © Riot Games

Aatrox is one of, if not the, most powerful Darkin to walk the face of Runeterra, and the first Darkin to be sealed in his weapon by the Aspect of Twilight, a predecessor to Zoe.

With feats that range from making Tryndamere too angry to die, all the way to killing the actual Aspect of War himself, Aatrox is a legendary figure on Runeterra, whose sightings are met with feelings of dread.

LoLdle October 3 Splash Art Solution - Arcana Skin

The skin splash art solution on LoLdle for October 3 is the Arcana Camille Skin Splash. Today's hint started from the lower left part of the picture, showing us enough to recognize Arcana skinline's artwork.

Arcana camille
Is there an Arcana skin that is bad? | © Riot Games

A stern-faced lady with magitech blades for legs is difficult to make a skin for and make it work that doesn't rely on a sci-fi theme, as most of her skins do. The Arcana skin line, however, does it incredibly well.

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