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This has got to be some kind of record.

LoL Hwei: Fans Ask for a Rework Immediately Upon New Champion Release

News 08-12-2023 14:50

We all know that each new LoL champion released is getting some kind of 200-year treatment. But, does Hwei really need changes this early?

Winterblessed Hwei splash
Would an Inkshadow skin be redundant for Hwei? | © Riot Games

Hwei, the Visionary, is the newest mid-lane mage champion in League of Legends, whose abilities can only be matched in their complexity by Aphelios. And while we know he's going to break the game repeatedly in the next few months, can it be that bad already?

Does the inverted Invoker from DotA, as his basic abilities change compared to Invoker's ultimate, really have what it takes to cause an outrage in just a day? Well, the answer is a resounding no, but there is some truth to the joke post and the discussion that followed.

Fans Ask for Hwei Rework

Hwei's release was scheduled for December 6, 2023, at 9 PM UTC. On December 7, however, a post surfaced on the League of Legends subreddit, by the Reddit user u/ShirtlessTurtle, demanding a Hwei rework.

The post did not take itself seriously at all, merely commenting on a small part of Hwei's kit that seems to be incongruous with the rest of his kit. You know, the kit that gives Hwei three basic abilities per button, making him effective at most roles.

The issue found lies in the fact that every ability combination follows the pattern of projectile skill shot for combinations that end in Q, circle AoE, for combinations that end in W, and a ground rectangle for the combinations that end in E.

All, but the W combinations that, for some reason, swap the Q and E combinations around, where the WQ is a ground-based rectangle, and WE is an auto-attack buff, which is basically a projectile, thus "making the champion unplayable".

It's a lighthearted post and something that is much needed in League of Legends, sparking self-directed humor in the comments, instead of the toxic cesspit we are all used to seeing in League of Legends in the wake of a new champion release. Or even just the regular LoL toxicity, even.

Hwei Abilities - Similarity to Other Champions

While the post was obviously a bit of fun at the champion release,and caused some self-deprecating humor in the comments, with one Redditor saying "Thank you for the eye opening information, now I know why I went 1/10 with him", and interesting observation was made by the Redditor u/Losupa.

by u/ShirtlessTurtle from discussion
in leagueoflegends

Here, they posit that the placement of Hwei's abilities is quite intuitive and one of the best parts of his design, as his abilities coincide with the basic abilities, or the watered-down ultimates, of other champions.

Of course, there is no accounting for taste, as we're all familiar with the Flash on F or D discussion. For me, personally, the champion is an abomination when their dash is on anything other than E.

The real question to ask here is if Hwei will join the list of the worst-designed champions in League of Legends or the champions with the most hotfixes. After all, his jack-of-all-trades design could be a very interesting one to play with and against in League, as long as Riot keep his stats in check!

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