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Astronaut skins? Yes please!

Riot Reveal New LoL Astronaut Skins: Cost, Champions, Release

Skins 09-02-2023 16:00
Astronaut Xerath Splash Art
League of Legends: Who knew Astronaut Xerath would look THAT good? | © Riot Games

Even though LoL Patch 13.3 was delayed by a day, thus making all the PBE content also release a bit later, Riot has finally revealed which skins are going to be released with the next League of Legends patch. Because if we know Riot, then we know that even when everything is going down in flames, we'll get new cosmetics. 

Let's go over the new Astronaut skins in League of Legends and the champions that will be donning these fancy new space suits. 


LoL Astronaut Skins: Champions and Cost

Five champions will be getting new skins in the upcoming patch. With two more Yordles getting Astronaut skins, this makes for the skin line with the most Yordle inclusion out of all of them. Poppy, Gnar, Corki, Teemo and Veigar already have skins in this skin line, but with two more additions we've soon got every single Yordle represented here, eh? 

ChampionSkin TierPrice
SingedEpic Tier1350 RP
FizzEpic Tier1350 RP
XerathEpic Tier1350 RP
IvernEpic Tier1350 RP
KennenEpic Tier1350 RP

This is going to be the first Singed skin in... eons. Seriously, his last skin came all the way back in November 2020 with Resistance Singed. Ivern hasn't fared any better with his last skin having been released in December 2020. Finally, these forgotten champions are getting new skins.

While Astronaut skins aren't anything groundbreaking, they are cute and the champions look incredible. Hell, even Ivern makes the space suit look good and the effects, especially Daisy, look incredible. So if you enjoy fun skins, then these are worth checking out. 

Release Date for Upcoming Astronaut Skins in LoL

These skins are going to be releasing soon. For Valentine's Day we received three new skins, so make sure to check out the Astronaut skins that will come out in LoL Patch 13.4 if you're not a fan of highschool teen romances. 

Along with the new skins, players can also get ready for Milio, who is likely to release in LoL Patch 13.5. What debut skin will the newest champion on Summoner's Rift get? 

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