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New Space Groove Skins | LoL Champions, Price & More

Skins 02-11-2022 14:18
Space Groove Teemo
Isn't he cute? | © Riot Games

The Empyrean skins just released in LoL Patch 12.21, but now it's time we head off into space to groove to the best jam out there and that is none other than the upcoming Space Groove skins that will take over the end of the League of Legends season 2022. 

Which champions will receive skins, and how much are they going to cost though? Let's check out everything we know about the upcoming Space Groove skins that will brighten up Summoner's Rift considerably. Sure, we might not get Snowdown Showdown, but at least some fun skins, right? 


New LoL Space Groove Skins: All Champion Skins 

A total of seven champions are going to be getting skins in 2022. But, this showcase event will also feature a prestige skin so overall there will be eight skins that you can pick up... that is if you're rich enough for all these skins, right? 

  • Space Groove Twisted Fate
  • Spave Groove Taric
  • Space Groove Nami
  • Space Groove Nami Prestige Edition
  • Space Groove Teemo
  • Space Groove Ornn
  • Space Groove Lissandra
  • Space Groove Gragas

These skins will join the already existing Space Groove skins of 2021 where Riot also released eight new skins for this skin line. 

We are here to have some fun with our Space Groove skins: 

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How Much Will the Space Groove Skins Cost?

These skins are going to cost 1350 RP. They are classed as Epic Skins. Only Teemo's skin is going to be more expensive at 1820 RP since it's a legendary skin. The theme fits perfectly with the little Yordle's playful attitude and it's a great skin for him to have a legendary on. Ornn also moves away from his grumpy aesthetic with this one which is a fun twist on the champion. 

Nami will be getting a prestige skin. Since we won't have a full-on event for this skin line, with it being part of a showcase instead, you'll be able to pick up the skin in the mythic shop for mythic essence. 


Space Groove Skins 2022 | Release Date

The new Space Groove skins will be releasing in League of Legends Patch 12.22. The patch will drop on November 16, 2022. So expect the skins to hit live servers on November 17, a day after the patch drops. These aren't the only skins you can receive, but a new Sejuani skin will also be given out to any and all players who made it to Gold or higher in ranked this season. 

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