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Why did Riot drop some of these?

Unreleased League of Legends Skins

Skins 08-06-2024 10:30

Riot have had some skins they didn't deem ready for release and therefore there are some League of Legends champions that had to forego new cosmetics. So, what are some scrapped skin ideas? 

Sewn Chaos Orianna
Unfortunately this skin made it to live. | © Riot Games

As we all know by now, not everything Riot works on will actually make it to live servers. We've already got a few scrapped champion concepts floating around in cyberspace, and the Chemtech Drake also took some time off Summoner's Rift before Riot finally released him.

So, today we'll go over some skins and skin concepts that Riot decided to scrap and maybe re-use in other skin concepts in the future. Sure, some scrapped skin ideas we get, but others make us wish Riot would still make them. 


League of Legends: Unreleased Skins

Sewn Chaos Skins

Amumu and Blitzcrank were both going to be getting Sewn Chaos skins, just like Orianna. Her skin was so badly received, though, that Riot decided to scrap the second part of the skin release and thus only Orianna still exists in our League of Legends client today. 

Sewn Chaos Skins
Kind of happy these don't exist anymore. | © Riot Games

The in-game models just didn't look good, and the animations also weren't up to par, hence why these skins got completely scrapped, but they did make it pretty far in development, in comparison to some other skins we're about to see right now. 

War Drake And Elderwood Cho'Gath 

These two skins were only created in concept along with Dark Star Cho'Gath back in 2018. Dark Star Cho'Gath was created alongside a young man – Bryan with the Make-A-Wish-Foundation who wanted to create a skin for a champion. 

Unreleased Cho Gath skins
Only one of these was made. | © Riot Games

Since Bryan liked the Dark Star theme best, that was the final concept chosen by Riot Games, and the skin even incorporated Bryan's clarinet performance for the champions theme. The Dark Star skin is pretty epic, but can Riot please also make the War Drake and Elderwood skins? Seems like missed opportunities if you ask me. 


Dark Crusader Mordekaiser 

This was a skin in early development and scrapped pretty early on, but never saw the light of day. To be honest, this one is another good skin to have been passed upon, since the concept doesn't seem all that different from his base skin. 

Dark Crusader Mordekaiser scrapped skin
Not sure how I feel about this skin. | © Riot Games

Some of the concepts from this skin has been reused though for a new Mordekaiser skin, so Dark Crusader Mordekaiser isn't completely dead. Riot re-used some ideas they had in their Dark Star Mordekaiser skin, which was released in 2020. 

Sugar Rush And Galactic Gunner Tristana

In 2019 League of Legends players were able to vote on a new skin for the bot lane Yordle. The choice was between Little Devil Tristana, Sugar Rush Tristana and Galactic Gunner Tristana. Well, looking into our shop we know who won, right? 

Tristana Skin Concepts
I would have loved Galactic Gunner actually. | © Riot Games

Little Devil Tristana won out, but honestly, Riot should revisit these concepts, because Galactic Gunner Tristana would be awesome. Just look at the hair and outfit, it looks amazing and would be a really fun skin for her. Even Sugar Rush Tristana looks adorable and worth spending some RP on. 

Dark Star Kalista

Yes, Kalista was going to be getting a Dark Star skin, but it was scrapped by Riot. Why did Riot scrap this skin? We aren't sure either, but Kalist would have made an insanely cool champion for the Dark Star Skin line. 

Dark Star Thresh Taunt
These are some hidden files for Dark Star | © Riot Games

In the image above, we can see the name 'Black Star Kalista' and Black Star is the internal Riot name for the Dark Star skin line. Sadly, we don't even have any art of this, but we can envision Kalista to be an epic Dark Star champion.

SKT T1 Sivir

In 2015, SKT T1 won their second League of Legends World Championship, and it seems that initially Bang's skin was going to be given to Sivir instead of Kalista. 

SKT T1 Sivir
This skin was scrapped and changed. | © Riot Games

Both Bang and the community asked Riot to change the skin from Sivir to Kalista, which was done in the end. So, we might not have gotten a SKT T1 Sivir skin, but we have some other epic SKT skins out there. 

These are just some of the skins Riot didn't bring to the rift, but we do hope that some cool skins like Elderwood Cho'Gath could be making. a comeback, because we need some cool concepts like this in our games. 

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