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Imagine if we could have had these champions

Unreleased League of Legends Champions

Champions 23-03-2022 19:30
HUSK champion
This could have been a champion. | © Riot Games

With all this talk of Aurelion Sol finally getting reworked, as well as old champion concepts being recycled to create the upcoming League of Legends Void jungler, we've decided to check out some cancelled and unreleased champions. We might see some similarities to upcoming champions!

We know that Aurelion Sol was supposed to be Ao Shin, way back in the day, and while Ao Shin got to shine in TFT as a little legend, Aurelion Sol hasn't lived up to his big name. So, who else can we spy here? 


Cancelled League of Legends Champions

7. Omen 

Let's start off with someone whom we've heard quite a lot about lately, and that is none other than Omen. This champion was supposed to be a Void corrupter, or something along those lines. With all the talk of swarm, this could totally work for the upcoming Void jungler. 

Void Omen
Isn't he cute? | © Riot Games

Apparently their design was a bit of a mistake, but it seems like Riot did like it enough to try and bring it back in 2022... that is if we can trust all the leaks being released these days. We see different transformations though, and that is something that will be impacting this champion's gameplay, so will Omen finally be a reality? 

6. Rob Blackblade

This League of Legends champion was supposed to appear all the way back in Season 1 of League of Legends, but he didn't fit into the cast of characters Riot had created back then, which is why he was shelved and eventually scrapped completely. 

Rob Blackblade League
How do you feel about him? | © Riot Games

His theme was changed from what it was supposed to be and apparently was put into Urgot. The art style was also used later on for PsyOps Yi as well. So make of it what you will, but he looks like he would have been toxic as hell so I'm not complaining about him getting scrapped. 


5. Tabu

This champion was going to be a Vootoo-Shaman. If you look closely you'll be able to spot this guy in the background of various Splash Arts even today. Just squint your eyes and check out Prehistoric Cho'Gath, can you find Tabu in there? 

Tabu lol champion
The hat reminds me of One Piece somehow. | © Riot Games

The voodoo idea was thrown out by Riot though and he did not make it into the game. Not all is lost, though, some champions ideas were moved over to Swain. So the heart of Tabu lives on for those of you who main Swain. 


Okay, real-talk, Husk just reminds me of Pharah from Overwatch. She looks sort of like her... but green. She's got a similar suit and a huge weapon as well. I wonder if the two characters would have been released around the same time? That would have made for some great press, eh? 

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She was going to be the H.I.V.E commander and have swarming bee-like abilities. She is from special troupes in Zaun and also Caitlyn's Ex. Much of her style has bled over into Camille and Kai'Sa so the concept lives on. 


3. Ao Shin

Another champion that many players know about that was scrapped is Ao Shin. We also know that Ao Shin turned into Aurelion Sol, but what we got was far from what anyone expected when they first heard of the epic storm dragon. 

Ao Shin Concept
He looked so cool! | © Riot Games

Sure, the Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol skin is an homage to Ao Shin, but we would have preferred this champion over the space wreck we got in-game. Hopefully the upcoming rework will be able to fix some of the major issues with the champion. Do you guys have hope that it'll make ASol popular? 

2. Averdrian

Averdrian was supposed to be released all the way back in 2009 with the original batch of champions in League of Legends. He was called the "Astral Guardian" but didn't make the final cut and was left out of the game completely. 

Averdrian lol champ
Imagine this ET monster in League. | © Riot Games

Apparently he was going to have a depressing backstory like no other with his mother leaving him behind in a trash can. He was probably scrapped due to his unique aesthetic. But we could see him coming back in the future, maybe with celestial beings playing a more important role in lore. 

1. Tiki

Tiki was going to be the introduction of the voodoo-genre of League of Legends, but their release was always pushed back until Riot decided to eventually scrap the champion completely. 

League of Legends tiki
Imagine these little masks running around. | © Riot Games

So the voodoo genre and Tiki never got to see the light of day in League of Legends, but with the universe expanding, we could see the resurgence at some point. These creatures could be hiding in another plane of existence or on some hidden island. I, for one, would love to see these crazy masks run around the rift. 

These are some of the scrapped champions in League of Legends. Some concepts have returned in the form of other champions, while others were completely forgotten throughout the years. Which champion would you love to see on the rift?