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New Anima Squad Skins | Event Pass, Champions & More

Skins 04-04-2022 17:37
Battle Bunny Prime Riven
Now this is a Riven skin to simp for. | © Riot Games

New Bee skins were released with League of Legends Patch 12.5, but it's time we look ahead at some epic new skins that will take us to a whole new universe in which champions fight wearing cool and adorbale anima suits! 

This neo-future alternate universe will be hitting the rift quite soon, but we're going to go over all that in this article, right? You want to know how to get your hands on these new mommies, right? 


Which Champions Will Receive Anima Squad Skins? 

A total of 5 champions will be on the receiving end of Anima Skins in the upcoming League of Legends patch. These are the champions that will get Anima Squad skins: 

  • Battle Bunny Miss Fortune
  • Battle Bunny Prime Riven
  • Battle Bat Vayne
  • Battle Wolf Sylas
  • Battle Cat Jinx

Need to really hear the new SFX for these skins? Make sure to pick up the Aonic4 from Shure or the JBL Quantum 100

Will There Be Prestige Skins As Well? 

Jinx will receive a prestige skin for her Battle Cat skin. This means that this will likely be an event prestige, so get ready for the Anima Squad event to take place at the end of March along with the release of the skins. 

Riot will also implement the first phase of their updated prestige shop, so you'll be able to pick up many more skins, like Ashen Knights Pyke and older prestige skins as well. 

Anima Squad Event 

When Is the Anima Squad Event? 

The Anima Squad event kicked off with Patch 12.6 and the release of the skins. You can choose which Anima Squad you're a part of in the in-game client. I did the test and am part of the Wolf SquadAwooo! Of course, choosing which squad you're part of isn't the only thing going on in this event. No, you can also pick up some Mythic Essence and much more. 

How Much Does the Anima Squad Event Pass Cost? 

You can purchase the standard Anima Squad Event Pass for 1650 RP. This battle pass will include the Event Pass, 4 Anima Squad Orbs, and 200 Anima Squad Tokens. 

If you're feeling like you want to splurge a little, then you can go for the Event Pass Bundle which is going to cost you 2650 RP, which will include the same orbs and Anima Squad Tokens, but also the Battle Cat Jinx Icon, Battle Cat Jinx Skin, and Jinx Champion.

Check the missions and rewards on the official Riot page for all the details! 

How Much Will the Anima Squad Skins Cost?

The skins will all be epic skins and cost 1,350 RP. Though, the Miss Fortune skin does have a unique new dance animation already shown off on Twitter, which indicated that the MF skin will be a legendary and cost 1,820 RP instead. 

When Will the Anima Squad Skins be Available in League of Legends?

The skins will be released in League of Legends Patch 12.6. Patch 12.5 is almost a one-month patch, which means that Patch 12.6 is going to only release at the end of March on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. 

Until then, you'll have to enjoy the Shockblade skins and the new Ekko skin that were previously released. Hopefully we can get a lot of tokens though in the Anima Squad event. Which Anima Squad skin will you want to get? 

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