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What skin are we getting?

Riot Reveal New Worlds Skin on PBE Patch 12.18

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Azir is the chosen one. | © Riot Games

In 2012 Riot Games began adding Championship skins to the game, celebrating the League of Legends World Championship and everything that lolesports stood for. The first champion to receive a Championship skin? Our combo queen Riven. 

Now, ten years later we're adding another skin to the list and Riot has chosen that Azir is the champion that has left an impact in 2022 on the pro scene and is deserving of a Worlds skin. What do you guys think of this skin? It seems like most like it more than Ashen Slayer Sylas, but is that even so hard? 


Worlds Azir Announced 

The Worlds Azir skin has made its way onto the PBE server and will be released on September 21, 2022 on League of Legends Patch 12.18. Azir has been a prominent pick in the pro scene, but he seems to be a champion that only works in pro games anyways. 

Thanks to the LoL Patch 12.10 durability update, a lot of League of Legends games have gone longer, due to champions surviving fights more, and therefore late game carries have also risen in priority. In solo queue, games usually don't last long enough for champions like Azir, Kayle and Kassadin to pop off though. 

So, to celebrate such an iconic champion in an iconic event, Riot has released the Worlds Azir skin. 

Previously Released Championship/Worlds Skins in League of Legends

As already mentioned, this isn't the first time that Riot is releasing a skin in celebration of the League of Legends World Championship. There are a bunch of champions that have had the honor even before Azir, so let's check them all out. 

Skin LineChampionRelease Year




Jarvan IV2021

These are all the previous skins released in celebration and now Azir joins the group as another champion. Are you guys ready for the League of Legends World Championship? Have you got your ticket already? Make sure to get it so you can watch your favorite League of Legends pros go head-to-head in the biggest esports tournament of the year.