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People hate the new Sylas skin

Ashen Knight Skins: Started At the Top Now We're Here

Skins 14-09-2022 17:20
Ashe Knight Sylas splash
Changing the name won't change the skin Riot... | © Riot Games

At the beginning of the year Riot decided to add in brand-new skins as part of the mythic overhaul. Out with the old and in with the new, and while the first skin in the new mythic skin line was a complete smash, the others have been a pass in the eyes of the community. So, what do fans think of this new Ashen Slayer Sylas?

Let's check out the newest skin added into the Ashen Knights skin line. Fans seem pretty unhappy with this skin line and would want more from it, especially since they are paying extra due to this being a mythic shop exclusive skin line. 


Ashen Slayer Sylas Skin Revealed

The newest Ashen Knight skin is going to be going to Sylas and while the concept could work extremely well with this champion, the execution just wasn't there for this skin. Many fans are also saying that the skin has no right to be this basic, since many of the issues the community raised with the reveal of Ashen Knight – now renamed to Ashen Conqueror – Pantheon

One of the biggest issue fans on both Twitter and Reddit pointed out was the lack of armour and with Sylas supposedly being a knight, or even a 'slayer', he would need some armour. The fact that he is the second of three champions to be a shirtless knights seems to have rubbed many players the wrong way. 

But it's not just the lack of shirt and armour that has peeved the community, many are saying how everything that had been wrong with Pantheon and his Ashen Knight skin hadn't been fixed, but those exact points that had been pointed out three months ago were just taken and once more put onto Sylas, which ruins the skin. 


One Redditor had this to say on the PBE feedback thread: 

I remember a Rioter mentioning that Pantheon couldn’t be made to be more like Pyke because “each member of the skin line is meant to be distinct” or some BS like that and then you guys come and blatantly copy and paste Pantheons helmet and pants on to Sylas and call it a day. It’s really just lazy and out of touch.

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Players Feel Like Giving Feedback is Pointless

This isn't the first time that fans have been unhappy with the direction Riot is going in terms of skins. During the Star Guardian event, players gave feedback on the in-game model of Syndra and how she doesn't look enough like her splash art. What did Riot do? change the splash art, something the community did not ask for. 

Similarly, earlier this year, when the prestige edition of Seraphine's Ocean Song skin was released, many fans hated what Riot had done to the hair. After much debate on Reddit and Twitter, Riot did revert her hair but it took a lot of backlash from the community. Now, Riot had months to look into what had gone wrong with Ashen Knight Pantheon, but it seems much of the original feedback had been left ignored. 

Riot Feedback to Players Complaints

Riot has closed the feedback thread for the upcoming League of Legends Ashen Slayer Sylas and well... it doesn't look good for anyone who had hopes and dreams of Riot making any changes to the skin. One of the biggest slaps in the face for fans seems to be the comment regarding the full body armour. 

Unfortunately, this is above possible scope for PBE timeline, but we will keep it in mind for future designs. Please refer to the guidelines in this thread to learn more.

So while the thread had over 200 comments, it seems like no changes other than a bit of recolouring is going to be added to the new Ashen Slayer Sylas skin. This has made fans question whether it's even worth giving any feedback in the thread.

The worst part? While a lot of the comments were regarding the Sylas skin, a lot of the points the fans had brought up were already stated during the development of the mythic Pantheon skin. Therefore, even if Riot states that they do not have time to make changes right now, they had enough time from the previous skin.