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All Canon Alternate Universes in League of Legends

No wonder her death sounds had to be changed in the West | © Riot Games

The wider League of Legends universe is filled with the lore the various skin lines bring to the table. Even though the main universe is yet unexplored fully. However, there are only three that are canon currently.

We all would have liked the Battle Academia skin line universe, or the Lunar Beast one, to be a canon one. Unfortunately, they are not. However, Riot have made some interesting universes part of their canon, as alternate universes to the main lore of League of Legends.

Which AU Are Canon in League of Legends?

As we stated previously, Riot Games love to have their own fun with champions, their stories, and interactions. Unfortunately, not even Arcane is fully canon yet, or not adjusted in the game completely at least, much less anything else. There are, however, three Alternate Universes that are.

The Star Guardian AU

"In a vast and dark universe, young warriors are chosen by fate to protect the light of the stars. They are destined to burn bright, but collapse as furiously as they burn." This is, at least, the way Riot Games describe the Star Guardian Universe. So, basically, any Japanese Magical Girl show ever.

Who else but Ezreal | © Riot Games

In essence, this universe is the closest thing Riot Games have to a children's show, with no real high stakes at hand, and quite a few lessons to be had in the stories.

Odyssey AU

The Odyssey AU is our favorite Alternate Universe, hands down. Perhaps the only thing capable of contesting that is the  Gods and Coven AU. However, as that is not canon, Odyssey takes precedence.

Would have preferred anyone else as the main character to be honest | © Riot Games

Odyssey is the Space Opera of the League of Legends universe. It centers around Yasuo, and his quest to evade pursuit for his brother's death and avenge him if possible. It has an adventure in space, an incredible cast of characters, and an imperial society that is evil. What else is needed?


A nine-tailed fox of incredible magical power, an extraplanar warrior, a succubus, and a ninja assassin walk into a recording studio... There has to be a joke there somewhere, but the K/DA AU is not one of them.

Riot Games know their player base | © Riot Games

Arguably the most famous AU League of Legends has, the K/DA Alternate universe is where Riot Games use their conventional tactics of selling skins with pretty ladies, in an unconventional way, by making songs that go along with it. All in all, the K/Da AU is the one that has had the most impact on the entirety of the phenomenon that League of Legends is today.

After all, these songs have been played and heard by people that have no idea what the game even is, and it has even started a wave of real-life merchandise which did very well for itself.