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Maybe... maybe not.

Are Lux and Ezreal Dating?

Champions 15-03-2022 18:30
Crystal Rose Skins Wild Rift
In your dreams Ezreal. | © Riot Games

It’s a very special day, the one and only grand explorer of Runeterra is celebrating his 12-year anniversary. On March 16, 2010 this champion was released onto the rift, so of course, we had to write a little piece on Ezreal and put this champion in the spotlight.

So, happy birthday Ezreal, but it’s about time we check out your love life — or lack thereof. You might have big dreams of living in a Demacian castle with your boo, but does she even know you exist? Let’s examine the evidence.

Ezreal — The Stalker

Let’s be real here. Riot sure is trying to push the Ezreal and Lux ship down our throat right now with their wedding in Wild Rift with the Crystal Rose skins and through the cinematic of the Porcelain skins, but in canon, this couple looks much different.

Lux and Ezreal have never even met in canon. We have various in-game voice lines to prove that, the most obvious coming from Lux herself asking whether they’ve ever met before.

"Are we supposed to be... dating... or something? We've never even talked."

If that isn’t proof enough that they are not an item. But Ezreal really doesn’t seem to know when to give up, even mentioning Lux to her older brother Garen… as thought that will bode over well, right?

But at least he is somewhat self-aware in one of his voice lines calling Lux ‘honey’ then quickly backtracking because he realized it was too soon… likely because Lux has never even met the guy before.

Ezreal and Lux Are Only Together In Alternate Universes

As already mentioned, Lux and Ezreal do make a couple in some universes. Riot has bumped Lux’ age up from her original age and she is now around 20, which is the same as Ezreal. In the Battle Academia skin line the two are an item, which are confirmed by their voice lines.

While Lux and Ezreal might not have ever met in canon, they have met in alternate universes like the porcelain universe. In the cinematic for the skin, the two come together to fight off Lissandra who was trying to kill Ezreal.

Is that the beginning of their true love? It could be, especially since Ezreal is standing right by Lux in her splash art with adoring eyes. She would never let Ezreal this close in canon since he resembles a stalker more than a lover.

Are Lux and Ezreal Dating?

In conclusion, Ezreal and Lux are not dating. Ezreal might think they are, but in canon it is much different. Lux is set to get married to none other than Jarvan IV, and she’s also suffering from some sort of Stockholm Syndrome with her apparent crush on Sylas.

Ezreal will have to take a step back from it all. Though we all know Zoe would be quite happy to have him… but that’s some FBI worthy stuff we don’t even want to get into.

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