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What is this book going to be about?

All Info on the LoL Lore Book - Ruination

Ruination - Viego sitting on throne
Will Viego be a part of the upcoming Ruination LoL Book? | © Riot Games

We know that Riot Games is going to be releasing a full-fledged novel very soon and while it seems almost late, it's got fans extremely excited and hyped for the story of some of their favourite League of Legends characters to be brought to life. 

So, which champions will be featured in the upcoming book, when can you expect it, and what is the story even going to be about? Don't worry we have all the information right here so you know where and when to get the upcoming League of Legends book. 

Everything We Know About The LoL Lore Book: Ruination

These LoL Champions and Their Lore Will Be Featured in Ruination

First and foremost we have to talk about the champions that will be featured in the upcoming League of Legends book Ruination. The book will feature a large cast of champions that we have fallen in love with throughout the yeats of playing League of Legends.

The main protagonist of the novel is going to be none other than Kalista. She's already got some extensive lore, which we have previously covered already, but she isn't the only champion that will feature in Ruination. The description speaks of a 'vengeful warden' who can only be the one and only chain warden Thresh before the Ruination. 

Of course, with Kalista being related to Viego, he will also play a key role in the novel and have a major appearance in the book. Are there any other champions we can think of? Hecarim will likely be a key player as well in the story. 

Which LoL Champions Share Lore in the Ruination Book? 

As already mentioned, Kalista is going to be the main character of the novel, which is why we believe Hecarim, for example, will play a part in the story as well even though he is never mentioned in the description. Hecarim played a huge part in the Ruination and the downfall of the Blessed Isles along with Viego and Kalista. 

Thresh and Yorick are also part of Kalista's lore so they will also likely make an appearance in the League of Legends lore book. Which characters would you love to see? 

Which Locations Will Be Featured in the LoL Ruination Novel?

Runeterra is going to be front and center in the book, of course, since all of League of Legends plays in Runeterra, but we are finally going to be introduced to Camavor, which has been a region we haven't seen much of yet in League of Legends. It is further east than the rest of the continents we've seen in League of Legends. 

Thanks to the newest League of Legends champion, Nilah, we do know that Camavor had other neighbouring countries like Kathkan with which they were often at war. 

We are going to dive even deeper into LoL lore with the book though and find out more about the Blessed Isles, which have since turned into the Shadow Isles due to the Ruination. Yes, we learned more about the black mist and the events that unfolded through the 2021 Ruination event, but this novel will take an even deeper dive into the history of the Blessed Isles. 

Kalista Splash Art
Kalista is going to be our main protagonist! | © Riot Games

When is Ruination Going to be Released? 

If you're excited to read this upcoming novel, then don't worry it's going to be released sooner than you might think. The book is set to hit stores on September 6, 2022. You can also already pre-order the novel if you want to be one of the first to read more about League of Legends lore in a whole new way. 

You can find the book in any bookshop or just order it online on Amazon, but if you're interested in League of Legends lore and learning more about the champions in the game, then this is a great and unique way to find out more and if this book does well, then we sure as hell can expect even more books with League of Legends lore in them in the future, right? 

Honestly, I would not be opposed to a book about a champion like Zyra, or someone exploring the history of the Freljord a bit deeper, right? Riot, please make it happen!