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Let's check out who Dr. Mundo really is!

Who is Dr. Mundo & Was He in Arcane?

Champions 21-12-2021 19:00
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Dr. Mundo was once a henchman of a Zaunite chem baron. He was a friendly fellow who, as Riot states, didn’t realize the toes he was stepping on while doing his work. Then one day he was made to be an example for other underlings and sent to the Osweld Asylum.

Of course, this was all before Dr. Mundo became the lovable champion we know him to be on Summoner’s Rift. What else do we know about this mysterious person… can we even still call him a person?

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Who is Dr. Mundo?

As mentioned, Dr. Mundo was once a henchman of a chem baron, but he ended up in Osweld Asylum. What befell the man there though? He was tortured and experimented on to the point where not only his psyche, but also his body changed.

He gained muscle, grew larger – hell even the color of his skin changed, but the worst of it all was his mind. His mind broke and through all the torturer and experimentation forgot who he was. He has no recollection of his past.

One thing the giant is sure of though is that he is a doctor. Why else would he be at the institution? He was there to cure everyone and anyone who came to see him and thus his murdering spree began. Though good in nature, his way of ‘healing’ patients was rather brute and anyone who ended up on Dr. Mundo’s operation table ended up cold, hard and very much dead.

The same fate befell the chem baron that had imprisoned Dr. Mundo in the asylum. He came to discharge the brute, only to walk into an empty and desolate building. Not a single soul was in sight, but faint inaudible mumbling could be heard from a room down the hall.

The chem baron faced none other than his former henchman, a now decrepit image of the man he had once been, surrounded by countless dead and dismembered bodies. Dr. Mundo looked up, saw his next patient and lumbered forward, bone saw in hand, ready to take care of the chem baron.

Death was imminent and once Dr. Mundo was done operating on the chem baron who died once more, threw the useless body away and then plodded out of the building and into the streets of Zaun to look for more patients.

Zaun underground
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Is Dr. Mundo from Zaun?

Yes, Dr. Mundo is from Zaun. He once worked as an enforcer for a chem baron, but his friendly nature and attitude ended up angering his boss who saw fit to make an example of the henchman, which landed him at Osweld Asylum.

He was once a completely regular Zaunite, but due to the many experiments he endured he became the hulking, self-regenerating monster we know from League of Legends.

Was Dr. Mundo in Arcane?

There was a short snapshot of an image of Dr. Mundo, but nothing concrete. Just the image of the painting on the wall of the Corporate Dr. Mundo skin was shown in Arcane. It could be, that we saw him in the background at one point.

If we look at the timeline of League of Legends, then it is highly unlikely that Dr. Mundo had already transformed into the insane monster without any recollection of his past. That’s why we might have seen him as a background character as a mere chem baron enforcer, nothing more.

Hopefully, we get to see some Dr. Mundo in season 2 of Arcane though. His insanity would fit insanely well onto the big screen.

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