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400 pages of lore?

Ruination - League of Legends Novel Announced

Kalista Ruination
Kalista will play an important part in the novel. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is going full out. Not only have they released one of the best original Netflix series,  released multiple new games on console, but now they're taking it a step further by releasing their own novel — Ruination. 

Video game novels are nothing new. Halo has a whole set of novels surrounding the story of the games and different characters — as does the Witcher but we all know the books came before the game. Now, Riot Games is also going to release their own 400-page novel about the events that occurred years ago — the Ruination. 


What is the Plot of Ruination About? 

The plot will surround the calamity that happened on the Shadow Isles and which led to the destruction of them. The story will have a heavy focus on Kalista, who many fans believed should have gotten a bigger role throughout the Sentinels of Light event. 

The book is purposefully not set around the same time frame as the 2021 League of Legends Sentinels of Light event and will focus on the backstory of Kalista, Viego, Hecarim and all of our favourite champions that were involved in the original Ruination. 

So, if you were wondering about lore, then you're finally getting some more. This story will take us back hundreds of years and we will get to experience a whole new side of Runeterra thanks to the novel. 

Who is the Author of the Ruination Novel? 

The author of the novel is Anthony Reynolds, who has previously written a novella for the League of Legends universe, Garen: First Shield. He is a principal writer at Riot Games and has also published other books before.

Ruination had been in the works for years according to Books Category Manager William Camacho and was supposed to come out closer to the Sentinels of Light event last year, but to be able to tell a great story, the book was pushed back into 2022. 


When Will Ruination be Released? 

The book is set to be released in September 2022. So, we will have to wait a few more months before we can get our hands on the novel. Until then we will have to make do with an Aurelion Sol rework and a whole new Void jungler. Maybe we're going to be receiving some Void-themed comics in celebration? 

One thing is for sure, we're all keeping our fingers crossed for a Void event in 2022. The region deserves some love and attention from Riot.