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Pls make it permanent!

Fans Wondering Whether Soul Figher Game Mode "Arena" Will Be Permanent

More 26-06-2023 18:35
Metagame in Soul Fighter event
Soul Figher "Arena": We want to know if it's permanent! | © Riot Games

With the new Soul Fighter event, Riot is releasing a brand-new game mode. This game mode looks to be a mix of TFT double up and League of Legends and it's got fans pretty excited to finally experience League in a different way. 

But now some fans are wondering whether Arena is going to be permanent or if we have to say goodbye to this new mode soon after it has arrived in our LoL clients. 

LoL Soul Figher: Will Arena Be Permanent? 

Arena is the name of the new game mode and it looks incredible. Finally we're getting a new unique game mode that will let us lose on our mains in horribly embarrassing fashion. 

The new game mode will feature different maps in which players go toe-to-toe with others in 2v2 matches. Just like in TFT there are carousel rounds in which players pick up their items, while augments can also be picked up to give your champions some added help. 

Now whether this game mode is permanent has not been decided yet according to Riot Cadmus who wrote this on Reddit: 

For now, it'll be live for the course of the event. We'll be using this time to evaluate future plans for the mode. 

Riot Axes also mirrored the sentiment, explaining that the team is going to see how players interact with the game mode before they make any decisions on whether it'll be permanent or not. 

So, basically, players are going to have to engage with the game mode and play it to let the devs know that this is something to community wants to keep in the game, other than just having it come back every few months or so. 

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