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LoL Fan Wanted MSI 2023 But Ended Up At The Wrong Tournament

More 19-05-2023 16:30
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A fan wanted MSI 2023... but ended up in the wrong place. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational is almost finished with only a couple more games to go, and each game is more and more important. But MSI 2023 isn't the only esports tournament happening in Europe right now. 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, one of the oldest esports still at the top of the viewership bracket also has a major tournament happening in Paris right now, and one fan in Paris seems to have gotten tickets to the wrong event. 

MSI 2023: Fan Seen Watching MSI At CS:GO Major

On the CSGO subreddit a post went viral in which someone filmed another live viewer in Paris watching the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational on their phone. The post sparked some discussion online, with most fans stating that there were just two way too good games on at the same time. 

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On May 18, 2023 the upper bracket finals between T1 and JD Gaming took place in London, while the Quarterfinals between FaZe and Heroic were going on in Paris. 

Both games were close, so it's no surprise that the fan in the video just had to watch both games at the same time. Some people on Reddit also commended the fan on his multi-tasking skills, while others also stated that JDG vs T1 was a hype matchup that shouldn't be missed. 

It seems that even though League of Legends and Counter Strike couldn't be further apart in terms of gameplay fans of either side can acknowledge when important games are happening. 

Now whether the original fan who watched MSI was at the wrong tournament, or just had bad timing and wanted to watch some CSGO is unclear, but we respect him for his dedication to MSI and the Paris Major.  Can't ever get enough esports, right?

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