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JoJo References in League of Legends

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JoJo is one of the most popular anime series out there. Of course, we had to find some of the most interesting JoJo references in the League of Legends. 

Jojo references in league
Xerath? Yup just wait for it. | © Riot Games/David Production

League of Legends has multiple references sprinkled into their champions, whether it’s through voice lines, dance animations or interactions between champions. These pop-culture references keep the skins and game refreshing and fun.

So, we here at Riftfeed have decided to take a look at some specific references to one very unique anime, and that is none other than JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. So let’s check out what references to JoJo we can find throughout the game.

Debonair 2.0 Zed Voice Line

Debonair 2 0 zed hd
His voice line is so funny. | © Riot Games

Zed received a legendary skin in 2021 with the Debonair 2.0 skin line. This was a skin line voted on by fans, and Brand finally got a prestige skin with the event as well. The part that got most fans excited though was the Zed skin and the JoJo reference.

One of the voice lines is “Instead of running away, you’re getting closer…” which is an infamous line Dio says. This line has become a meme in pop culture and is often referenced – as just about anything that is said in JoJo, let’s be real guys.

Ora Ora Ora Eternal

Ora ora ora
Stardust Crusaders references are so great. | © David Production

Everyone who loves JoJo knows what Ora Ora Ora is and they’re not afraid to make fools of themselves to shout it out to the world, right? So of course, someone at Riot Games decided it would be a great idea to give Vi an eternal and simply call it Ora Ora Ora.

This is a straight-up reference to well… this. Just watch it. Doesn’t it fit to Vi? Especially after Arcane where she really got to shine, we’re a bit disappointed she didn’t start screaming and punishing left, right and centre like this in the show.

Xerath Voice Lines

Sternvernichter Xerath
Muda muda muda... fits so well. | © Riot Games

Who would have thought that Xerath of all people could receive a JoJo voice line. But it makes sense, since he is a dark and gloomy antagonist in Runeterra and shouting ‘Muda Muda’ over and over in the Japanese dub fits his style.

Muda translates to ‘useless’ so him deeming anyone who faces him useless would make sense. He did fight Renekton and end up locked beneath the desert of Shurima for centuries where he lost his mind, so a bit of insanity, could result in him turning into a JoJo character.

Sett - Just Sett

Sett is just a walking JoJo reference, Not only is the Japanese voice actor the same as that of Dio – Takehito Koyasu – but Riot also added in a specific emote which mimics the infamous ‘It was me, Dio!’ line from the first season of the anime.

Sett 0
This man screams JoJo protagonist. | © Riot Games

Sett looks, acts and walks like a JoJo character and many fans had wished that Zed’s Debonair 2.0 voice line would have gone to Sett, since it works so well with his character – and his Japanese VA is the same as Dios as mentioned before! 

He punches people hard and fast – just like a JoJo character, his abilities are yellow – like the Hamon breathing – and let's not forget that Sett loves his mother and if we read into things a little deeper than we can deduct that Dio also loved his mother and despised his father... sounds a lot like a top lane brawler we know, right? 

Those were some JoJo references we managed to find sprinkled in throughout League of Legends, but there are probably way more. Which meme references are your favorite in League of Legends?

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