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LoL Players Wish Riot Would Make One Specific Change To Pings

More 23-06-2023 15:30
Piltover Heimerdinger
LoL players want a simple change to the ping system. | © Riot Games

Some League of Legends players are pretty annoying. If one gank goes wrong or one hook doesn't land they immediately pull out the question mark or bait ping, spamming it over-and-over again. This can make anyone go insane, which is why Riot has introduced ping mute. 

Now, some players want to have this feature adjusted to improve communication, while also keeping players safe from toxic and annoying behavior like ping spamming. 

LoL Players Want One Adjustments To Pings

Some players have gone to Reddit to think of a way to improve the ping mute feature that is currently available in League of Legends. Players have stated that they would like to have something like a "reduce" ping option available instead of just hard muting other players completely. 

This "reduce ping" option would mean that when someone pings once it would be seen, but all the subsequent pings someone uses in a rage would be muted. 

This was suggested by Reddit user lackofpantz who explained that they do believe pings are an important aspect of League of Legends, since they are the only form of quick communication we've got in League of Legends, but that spam pinging is also an issue in the game and quite annoying. 

With this suggestion, repeated pings could be filtered out, making for a much better gaming experience, but also giving players some information on the game and what the other players are doing. 

Other players though have stated that they need to spam ping so that their teammates will even listen to them. Multiple comments on the Reddit thread explained that they have to use multiple pings for their teammates to notice them and what they're asking. 

Unfortunately there is no perfect way to fix this issue, so for now players will have to keep muting the annoying spam pingers in their team. 

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