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LoL: Riot Will Remove Toxic Players From Solo Queue

More 24-05-2023 17:35
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LoL: Players are going to get locked out of solo queue. | © Riot Games

Riot has been working on new features throughout the last half year to try and combat the rampant toxicity that has made up League of Legends. With the in-game report feature implemented, as well as other deafen and mute-features, they're adding in one more system to truly stop players from being assholes in solo queue. 

According to a new blog post from Hana “TimTamMonster” Dinh, it has been revealed that Riot is going to be going for some drastic measures when it comes to trying to combat toxicity in the game in the coming months. 

LoL Players To Be Locked Out Of Solo Queue

In the new blog post from May 24, 2023, TimTamMonster revealed that players that have been toxic will be locked out of the ranked queue and will be forced to play other queues instead. This means that if a player exhibits any form of disruptive behavior, they will be forced to play other queues instead of solo queue. 

This punishment will go to players that were either flagged for going AFK, chat abuse and intentional feeding. Players who have been punished for this type of behavior will have to play other queue forms to un-lock ranked once more. 

While there may be concerns around disruptive players moving to other queues, we recognize that the environment of the Ranked queue results in considerably more disruptive behavior. 

Not only will players be locked out of ranked queue, but Riot is also going to apply the usual punishment to players that are seen often exhibiting disruptive behavior in their games, such as account bans and elongated queue wait times. 

It was also mentioned that the team is going to keep a close eye on other queue forms when the ranked-lockout goes live to monitor behavior or players and whether disruptive behavior will rise in those queue forms. Hopefully that inting Yasuo won't be in your normals when you first-time Aphelios, eh? 

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