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Which server is the most toxic?

The Most Toxic LoL Server Award Goes To...

LoL Most Toxic Server
Veigar is the embodiment of these servers. | © Riot Games

The server that we play on, that's the one that we would title the most toxic one. But which one really is the most toxic server to play on? We did a little digging.

It's so sad that we can make an article like this. That League is seriously so toxic sometimes that people discuss which server is the worst.

But I guess that's part of the experience. The "Mute all" button is your best friend and the long-term players among us will only play with that being turned on.

Have you ever wondered which server is the most toxic one, though? Like, for real? 

What's The Most Toxic LoL Server?

During my research, these were the most commonly named servers for being the most toxic

  • KR
  • EUW
  • JP
  • BR
  • NA

At first, I was content with that. Because it's hard pinpointing which server is actually the most toxic... but then I came across this.

And the more I read into it, the more I got the impression that, yes, a lot of people agree that the KR server is by far the most toxic one. Especially in lower elo, the toxicity on the Korean server is mindblowing. 

I always admire people who move from any server to the KR one and don't lose their minds. Then again, obviously, chat will be in Korean, so as an English-speaking person, you might not even realize that they're talking shit about you. But boy, oh boy, are they talking shit about you.

I think the general consensus is that the lower the elo, the more toxic the people will be. It's like they know they're bad, but they don't want to accept it, so they have to shift the blame onto anyone else. No matter the server, that will always be a problem.

Still, after all this research, I can safely say that I will not be going to a PC room in Korea to play League of Legends.