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Only this weekend!

Sick of League? Then Get a New PS5 Controller and play Tekken!

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Check out this deal! | © Sony

League of Legends is fun and all, but sometimes you also want to play something else like Tekken, Warzone or maybe even Kingdom Hearts. There are multiple games out there for you to enjoy, but unlike LoL they work better with a controller, right? Well, have we got some news for you. 

Euronics, has a great deal for anyone looking to get a second — or maybe even third or fourth — PlayStation 5 Controller. This is only available for a short time, so make sure you check out the deal on the official Euronics website before it's too late! 

What is Euronics Offering? 

So, as we already mentioned, you will be able to receive a great deal on a Sony DualSense Wireless Controller for the PS5. The best part? It's not the lame white one everyone has, but in galactic purple, which just looks sleeker and better. 

When Does the Offer Take Place? 

You can pick up the Sony DualSense Wireless Controller only this weekend. This means you've got to check out the Euronics website between Friday, May 6, 2022 at midnight and Sunday, May 8, 2022. You've got three days until this offer ends, so what are you waiting for? 

How Much Will the DualSense Controller Cost? 

Gaming is getting more and more expensive, so being able to save a buck here and there is essential. That's why Euronics will be selling the PS5 DualSense Controller for €69 this weekend only. Make sure you get it otherwise it'll be the usual €80. 

Oh and sidenote, you won't have to pay for shipping either, so you're saving some money there as well! 

What Can You Use the Sony DualSense Controller For? 

This is the PlayStayion 5 controller, but you don't need to own a PS5 — seriously, who does with the scarcity of these things?! — but you can connect the Sony DualSense Controller to your computer or even to your phone. This is a great deal and it's one of the best controllers on the market. 

There you've got it, a great deal for a pretty good product. Get your hands ont he Sony DualSense controller and play some new games. 

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Get this controller! | © Sony