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Wild Rift: When Does The Current Guild Season End?

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In Wild Rift there are guilds which you can join to earn a few special rewards. When does this Guild Season end though?

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Wild Rift Guild Season is ending! | © Riot Games

Wild Rift has a cool guild feature in which players are able to go head-to-head against other guilds with a leaderboard. There has been some discussion about GvG and with it getting removed with a new system in place. 

When will the current Guild season end, though, and what rewards can you expect for your hard work if you and your friends decided to grind the Guild championship? 

LoL: Current Guild Season End Date

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Make sure to get those rewards by the end of the season. | © Riot Games

The guild season will end on January 22, 2024. That means you can still play and earn points with your guild for another month. The season kicked off in September and was 19-weeks long. If you'd also been in a guild at the start of this Guild Season, then you should have also received an icon as a reward. 

GvG might be no more, but the competition between guilds is still ongoing with Trophy Points, which is why those who played the most and earned enough points you'll be able to pick up some sweet rewards as well to bling out your Wild Rift profile. 

Wild Rift Guild Season Rewards

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What rewards can you earn? | © Riot Games

So, of course, playing a game competitively is the most fun with friends, hence why many join guilds so they can have teammates and friends to play with. You can also earn rewards this way thanks to the Trophy Points. 

You can earn the Cogs & Gears and Balance & Symmetry Rift emblems, as well as the Cerulean, Amber and Fuchsia Baubles. There are also multiple player emblems to earn like the Periodt, Azure, Amethyst and Garnet Dedication & Innovation ones. 

It's important to note that for every new Guild Season there is a reset, so once this Guild Season ends you'll be reset to 0 to once again earn points for new rewards in the upcoming Guild Season. 

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