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We don't need her on the rift!

Reasons to Delete Zoe from League of Legends

Champions 30-12-2022 13:24
She might be smiling, but do you see the murderous intent behind those 'innocent' eyes? | © Riot Games

League of Legends has too many champions, so how about we delete a few that a large part of the community hates? Yes? Yes. Let’s do that. We’ve already analyzed Seraphine and why she should be deleted – her lore and kit are just awful – and of course, we’ve ranted about Yuumi before as well.

But who else can we do without? What other champion just gets on our nerves – and many people’s nerves – that petitions are made and signed by the thousand to have a champion deleted? Well, none other than our favorite little girl from out of this world – Zoe. Please Riot get rid of her.

Zoe’s Kit is Unmanageable

Have you ever thought, hey this champion looks fun let’s try them! Then realized that mere mortals cannot play this champion? Seriously, if you’re not in Diamond plus and just casually play don’t even bother with this champion.

E, Q backwards, R forward, Q at target once more. Now do that over and over again. Just rinse and repeat. For casual players, they’ll break their fingers and is RIot going to be paying those hospital fees? Nah fam. Stick to Garen my friend.

So what Yuumi is missing in interaction, Zoe has got too much of. Not all of us can be Chovy or Caps, you know?

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Her Power During Her Debut 

When Zoe was first released she was immediately disliked. Was it her fun attitude, calling even the great Aurelion Sol a ‘space dragon’ which yeah, she isn’t wrong he is a dragon from space, but he’s also the most powerful creature to have ever set foot on Runeterra, ya know?

Okay, enough of that, it wasn’t her fun attitude that ticked the community off, but the insane damage she can dish out. Sure, she’s a burst mage, that’s her job, but some of those paddle stars were just ridiculous. Check out for yourself.

Seriously, Zoe can easily gain a lead even if she plays it safe and doesn’t do much during the lane phase, then once she hits the late game with two or three items she can one-shot anyone, no matter how thick of a health bar they’ve got.

So even though Riot has nerfed her, that sentiment still stands with most players and they continue to hate and dislike the champion. I guess League of Legends players hold grudges for a long while, eh? 

She Gets Free Mobility

Thanks to her W, Zoe is able to pick up free mobility whenever she needs it. Players see this as a disadvantage and think she is getting free handouts. Sure, one of her spells is basically just a third summoner, but is it fair to give her so much mobility?

She can evade attacks with her ultimate, she’s got an extra flash on hand if she needs it. Zoe basically has every tool she needs to just put you to sleep constantly. Then you die without ever waking up again. RIP.

Zoe is an awful champion, too happy in this dreary world of Summoner’s Rift and the salty players cannot handle her. So yes Riot, please delete her so we can have our sanity back. 

Give her one-shot power to Aurelion Sol or something instead. Let him absorb the Aspect of Twilight to become the huge world-creating dragon he once was.

Find someone else to skip rope around the rift. Please get rid of this abomination on Summoner’s Rift.

Sabrina Ahn

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