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The Madman of Zaun isn't as mad as he once was. Sadge.

Will Dr. Mundo Receive a Rework?

Champions 15-02-2022 17:00
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Why is he so bad in high elo? | © Riot Games

Is Dr. Mundo in need of a rework only a year after his VGU went live? What has happened to the big top lane juggernaut and why is Riot considering changing up some things on his kit? Are there any plans for Dr. Mundo to get updated?

In a recent post on Reddit, fans found out that Glenn “Twin Enso” Anderson, who worked on the VGU previously, explained in a discord message that the team was looking into Mundo. What exactly have they got planned, though?

Dr. Mundo Has Lost His Identity

Dr. Mundo is known as a late game juggernaut. In the later phases of the game, it should be basically impossible to kill the big man himself, but in the last little while, Mundo hasn’t felt like an unkillable beast. Instead, he’s been peaking in the mid game and falling off pretty hard in the later stages of a match.

So, while Dr. Mundo has had quite a good time in the early and even mid game, once teams move into longer matches, Dr. Mundo becomes a non-factor, which is the main issue Riot will try to address in the future with some nerfs and buffs.

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Dr. Mundo’s Win Rate in High Elo vs. Low Elo

One of the biggest issue Riot is facing in regard to Dr. Mundo is his win rate. In high elo Dr. Mundo is one of the worst top laners with abysmal rankings. His win rate is awful and high elo players don’t want to play him.

Low elo players have a completely different experience with the pick, though. Dr. Mundo has almost a 54% win rate in lower elos, which makes him an insanely strong pick in Bronze, Silver and even Gold.

Therefore, Riot will have to balance the champion carefully. In the discord post, Twin Enso explained they’re looking to nerf low MMR skewed stats, but that “more sophisticated changes need more time”.

Will Dr. Mundo Get Another Rework?

For now, it looks like Riot will focus on some quick fix patchwork, since the changes for Dr. Mundo would take much longer. Therefore, Mundo is just going to be on the buff and nerf list for now before getting a mini rework altogether.

So, if you were hoping for a quick Dr. Mundo rework, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Some fans on Reddit did have a few suggestions for Dr. Mundo, like having his ult regen scale with rank, or to add some percentage damage reduction to his W.

There are so many things that Riot could do with Dr. Mundo, but it seems that Orianna might be getting a rework first… and we all know Riot will likely have to properly balance Renata Glasc in the coming patches before they can focus on the Madman of Zaun.

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