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Orianna is going to look so much better

Orianna VFX Update in Patch 12.7

News 31-03-2022 15:55
Heartseeker Orianna
Will her skins also be improved? | © Riot Games

Orianna might not be the most exciting champion to play or to watch, but she is a staple in League of Legends and even had her very own, very short cameo in the hit Netflix series Arcane.

But other than being a popular champion in League of Legends, she is also an extremely old one. She’s got some questionable skins as well in her inventory, so what can Riot do to make her better? Well, a visual update might just do the trick.

[UPDATE MARCH 31 2022]

Orianna's VFX Update is Confirmed

So, a while ago we speculated whether Orianna will receive a visual update and it seems we were right. She is going to be receiving a visual update in League of Legends Patch 12.7, but what exactly is Riot changing? Let's go over the details. 

Orianna VFX
Check out these new visuals. | © Riot Games

This is just a small update to improve the visuals of her W and her ultimate, but it is going to make playing Orianna much better and more fun! 

What Skins Will be Affected by the VFX Changes? 

These are all the changes Riot is planning on making to Orianna's skins: 

  • Base: Complete overhaul
  • Gothic Orianna: Same as base
  • Sewn Chaos Orianna: Same as base
  • Bladecraft Orianna: Recolored from new base
  • TPA Orianna: Same as base
  • Heartseeker Orianna: Complete overhaul
  • Victorious Orianna: Matching new base FX
  • Dark Star Orianna: Complete overhaul
  • Pool Party Orianna: Matching new base FX
  • Orbeeanna: Matching new base FX

So all the speculation was right and Orianna is getting a visual update soon! You can also read up on the update on Reddit if you want to see what feedback players have. 


Will Orianna Get a Visual Update?

Animations in the Renata Glasc Teaser

In the trailer for Renata Glasc, our new champion in the bot lane, we see a sequence where the boss woman is fighting a bunch of champions. Ezreal desperately tries to fend off the enchantress, while getting a shield from the mid lane mage.

But, YouTuber Terty saw something small, but very interesting in the teaser. Some of the animations look different from the actual Orianna gameplay that we are used to. Check out the video below to see for yourselves.

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The hue around her ball is much cleaner and actually looks like it’s from the 2020s, while the animation from the live servers looks old and outdated, almost like someone took a mere brush stroke and went with it.

Why Will Orianna Get a Visual Update?

Orianna is a pretty old champion. She was released in 2011 and therefore needs a makeover. Recently, other older champions have also received some fresh new visuals like Vayne, Ahri and Vel’Koz, so it’s not hard to think that Orianna isn’t also on the list of visual updates.

Will Orianna’s Skins Also be Updated?

With the other visual updates Riot has done over the last few months, their skins were also updated with the new VFX. This means that Chaos Sewn Orianna could get improved as well, but we still believe it’ll be one of the worst skins in the game. Riot just can’t fix that.

So, make sure to keep an eye out, because Orianna will have some fancy new animations and a much cleaner look!

Orianna league of legends
The splash looks good, but the in-game model does not. | © Riot Games

Will Orianna Get an ASU?

These small visual improvements look more like a VFX update than an ASU. Riot has already announced that Ahri will be the champion to receive a larger ASU update in 2022. There could be other champions getting some as well, but we doubt that Orianna is going to be one of them for now.

These visual changes look more like VFX improvements, much like the Vel’Koz update from LoL Patch 12.03. So, sorry Orianna mains, we do not think the ASU is happening just yet… but we could be wrong, right now it’s just speculation.

When Will the Orianna VFX Update Release?

Riot has not revealed or confirmed that Orianna will be getting a visual update. This comes merely from a video where clear visual improvements can be seen, but we do think that if Orianna really is getting an update, then it could come as soon as LoL Patch 12.05, if Riot feels that it can hit the PBE server once Patch 12.04 goes live.

Until then we will have to wait to find out more on the VFX rework for Orianna.

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