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Two sides of one coin

Are Galio and Malphite Opposite?

Galio and Malphite
These two giants are like water and oil. | © Riot Games

A Redditor has pointed it out and we're going to take a look as well at just how different these two champions are, but also how similar they seem to be. Are they complete opposites, or do they attract one another like bees and honey? 

Okay, bad references aside, there are some pretty cool similarities between the two champions. Let's check out just what makes these two rocky giants similar and how can they relate? Is all of this just coincidence, or is Riot up to something and we've all just missed it? 


Galio and Malphite - Two Sides of One Coin

Both champions can be considered tanks, so that means they've got some similarities there. Could that be the 'coin' we speak of? Well, there are some differences as well, like Galio being an anti AP tank, while Malphite is an anti AD tank. 

Both champions fulfill the same role basically in the game, which is invaluable. Especially if we check out pre-rework Galio, that dude was basically impossible to go up against as a champion like Cassiopeia. 

Now what else can we tell about these champions that are the same, but... not actually the same. If any of that makes sense. While Malphite is a giant earth golem, Galio is a sky golem, aka a gargoyle. What's more opposite than wind and earth. We all know from our favorite show – Avatar the Last Airbender – that Aang had the hardest time mastering the element of earth because it's the polar opposite to his main element – air. 

Now, when looking at the champion's playstyle there are also distinct differences. Galio jumps in to protect and save his team. He isn't the type to initiate a fight usually, but used for back-up more times than not, while Malphite is the champion to engage with. Seriously, Malphite ults go boom! 

Which Champions Represent the Other Elements? 

So we have Malphite who represents earth, and Galio who represents the sky, but are there any other golems who represent the other two missing elements? We need a water behemoth of some sort, as well as a fire behemoth. 

Of course, it would be awesome as well if Malphite was actually from Noxus, while Galio protects Demacia... maybe Malphite can get captured by Noxus and used in their expansion of the empire? That would be a cool addition to his lore, right? 

If anything, both champions are extremely fun to play, have interesting ultimates and ways of playing that are similar in some aspects, while also coming off completely different in others. Which champions do you think could represent water and fire?