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The Most Fun Support Champions in League of Legends

Champions 03-12-2022 15:22
Most fun support champions
Yuumi or Zyra? Who is more fun to play! | © Riot Games

League of Legends has so many champions and so many different classifications for champions. Which ones are the best and which champions are the most fun to try out though? With so multiple types of champions, some have to be more engaging than others, right?

So we’ve decided to go through all support champions currently available in League of Legends to check out which champions are the most fun to play once you’ve mastered them… and spoiler alert, Yuumi is not one of them.

These Are The Most Fun Support Champions in League of Legends:

4. Janna - The Storm’s Fury

Janna is probably the most fun enchanter to play. When it comes to healing and shielding supports, much of their playstyle is similar and a bit bland. You don’t get any glory, only dissed, which sets Janna apart from the rest, because she has some insane potential to make plays happen.

Halloween Janna
Janna is so satisfying to play. | © Riot Games

Janna’s Q is great for disengage or even for engaging, especially in the laning phase. If you’re going up against an immobile champion, you could surprise them with a hurricane to the face, knock them up, while your ADC gets some good damage in.

Pressing her ultimate at just the right time, disengaging annoying Rengar’s or Kha’Zix’ from engaging on your team is also extremely satisfying. If you master Janna you can be the hero your team didn’t even know they needed. But you’ll rake in the honors after the match anyways.

3. Bard - The Wandering Caretaker

This champion is just special. He’s got insane playmaking potential as a support thanks to his kit. When you’re playing Bard, you’re the playmaker in League of Legends, making you the boss and if you master this champion, you can roam the map to annoy opponents all the time, making this a unique and extremely fun champion.

Elderwood bard
Bard is hard to master, but so worth it. | © Riot Games

Bard isn’t just fun for his playmaking abilities though. It’s extremely rewarding to master this champion for the meme-able moments as well. Ulting a tower you’re trying to take? Golden. Sending you allied ADC to their death with a well-timed Bard portal? Hilarious.

All jokes aside, Bard is the type of champion who can impact the whole map – and wants to thanks to his passive which gives Bard mana and experience. Not only that but is also empower his auto-attacks which allows his damage to scale into the late game without even building damage-based items. Purely genius and fun!

2. Zyra - Rise of the Thorns

You’re sick and tired of being an enchanter support meant to only heal your allies and wait for the right moment to shield them? You want to be the one to impact the game thanks to your damage output? Well, then we suggest mastering Zyra, because she is an extremely fun and impactful champion.

Coven Zyra
Zyra and her plants, name a better duo. | © Riot Games

Why is Zyra so fun though? As we’ve just mentioned she is the type of support who will be able to help deal damage, chunk down squishy’s and her ultimate is a knock-up and she’s got a snare in her kit as well to stay safe.

Playing against her passive and her various plants makes her an extremely volatile pick to go up against and will tilt anyone, which is very satisfying. You can build Liandry’s on her for the ultimate slow death and if you saved up even more then go for Morello as well. Once you’ve mastered Zyra you’ll never want to play another support again. 

1. Pyke - The Bloodharbor Ripper

Bard and Zyra are both extremely fun to play as supports, but neither feel as satisfying as mastering Pyke. This champion is ready to steal anyone’s kills and truthfully, no ADC should complain if Pyke takes first blood. It will only spiral into total support domination. 

Sand Wraith Pyke splash
You can't go wrong with Pyke when it comes to high risk - high reward. | © Riot Games

By mastering his early and mid game you’ll be able to control the pace of the match and continue to grow your lead. By picking off single targets you’ll be the biggest threat. He’s also got great regeneration in his kit if he does ever go a bit too far forward.

Squishy, immobile supports won’t ever make it close to Pyke. Pyke can roam the map and get around ganks thanks to his W, making him have an impact everywhere on the map. This is great if you’ve ever got an AFK jungler on your team. And in the end, all the glory will come to you, as the playmaking support of the match. What’s more fun than that?

So, if you aren't here for just fun, but you want to win, then check out our support tier list for the current meta. But you won't always find the most fun champions on that list. 

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