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Riven? Riven.

The Hardest Top Lane Champions to Master

Valiant Sword Riven
Who else is difficult to play in the top lane? | © Riot Games

We've looked at some of the easiest champions in the top lane already, but today we want to dive deeper into the difficult champions. If you want to master these top laners, you'll have to play countless hours of League of Legends — without getting tilted — just to get a grasp on their kit. 

So, which champions require you to do more than just to 'spin to win' in the top lane? How long will it take to master any of these champs? Well then, let's check out which three champions are the hardest to master in the top lane! 


The Most Difficult Top Lane Champions in League of Legends

3. Gangplank 

Gangplank can dish out insane damage numbers thanks to his AoE damage and his global ultimate, but until you get to that point of mastering him you'll likely suffer quite a bit. Why? Because the combos you need to learn with him take time. 

Gangplank Skin
Watch where you place the canon barrage. | © Riot Games

Gangplank isn't a tank, which make shim quite squishy, especially early on. The early game is his weakest phase, so you'll have to play safe. Also, don't play him into extremely mobile champions like Riven. Combine him with team combs that can follow up on his initial damage or let him one-shot opponents with his barrels. 

What makes him so difficult though? You'll have to learn how and where to place the barrels to get your combos rolling. Also, your ultimate also has to be placed in the right position, otherwise you're just wasting it. You'll need a lot of game sense to truly master him, but it's worth it in the end. 


2. Irelia

Irelia is the queen of outplays. She can dance around enemies, dealing damage over time, and she makes you look like a mechanical god. That is, if you know how to play her, otherwise you'll look like a fish out of water, struggling to stay alive. 

Divine Sword Irelia
Outplay your opponents with Irelia. | © Riot Games

To play Irelia, you'll want to duel and fight with your opponents, but you have to constantly keep an eye on your passive to have it stacked, otherwise you deal no damage to the opponent, which if you're fighting is not what you want to happen. 

Once you've learned how to use her skill shots and when to engage, you'll be able to outplay anyone on the enemy team. You're able to farm under turret thanks to her Q and she has built-in sustain, which is also nice to have. But it will take a long time to master her, so be patient when you pick her up. 1. 

1. Riven 

Did you guys think any other top laner would be on the number one spot? Riven is probably the most intense top lane champion with the hardest learning curve, but boy, once you've learned how to play her you'll only play Riven. She is so fun once you get the hand of all the combos and possibilities her kit offers. 

Arcade Riven
A good Riven looks so cool. | © Riot Games

Riven is a high damage and mobile champion in the top lane. She can have many roles, depending on what build you go for. She can quickly outplay opponents once you've figured out which attack patterns work best for her. Until then you'll likely jump into a fight and die, since Riven has no sustain tools. 

She is a bit squishy early on, but once you've got your Goredrinker you'll be able to hop into danger and combo your abilities together to quickly kill your opponents. No champion feels as rewarding to master as Riven, due to her long learning curve. If you've got the patience and time, main her and no one can catch up to you!