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Happy Birthday Viego! But please leave.

Three Reasons Why Riot Should Delete Viego

Champions 18-02-2024 11:00

Viego is one of those champions that is just super annoying to deal with in League of Legends and while his inclusion in the lore is epic, his gameplay is far from it. 

Viego Splash
The only thing worth keeping are those abs. | © Riot Games

Viego was released for the Ruination and Sentinels event, with Riot even releasing a book with his story. Overall, his theme and lore is insane, but his gameplay.... not so much. 

The designers were probably too obsessed about getting those abs right, the only thing that decent about this champion to be honest, but let’s examine him further because there is a lot wrong with Viego and it’s time we addressed the elephant in the room and remove it.

Viego’s Ultimate is Obnoxious

Lunar Beast Viego
Delete him. | © Riot Games

Viego is one of the many champions with resetting ultimates. All of them are awful and should just be deleted from the game, but Viegos' takes the cake. His ultimate lets him move to a champion and execute them.

The damage is just silly and no matter what you do, it feels like you just can’t get away from his ultimate, like ever. He will just pierce your heart and then go off with your body thanks to his passive.

Oh his passive, let’s move on to the other most frustrating and obnoxious part about this champion!

Viego’s Passive Should be Erased Completely

Pentakill Viego RF
His skins are nice, but his passive sucks. | © Riot Games

Thanks to his passive Viego can recast his ultimate as often as he wants… or well until he gets a pentakill. Basically, any champion that falls before Viego can be seized by him.

You get your opponents' items as well and then you get to go ham with their abilities. Long gone are the days when Neeko turns into an ally and the AI awkwardly runs away. No, now we have Viego turning into his opponents and crushing them.

The fact that the ability resets is only one problem. No, the other big problem is the rest on cooldowns as well. That Miss Fortune Q with full items? Yeah that will one-shot you with ease even as Viego. What was Riot thinking when they designed this ability? That it would be fun?

Oh did we mention that Viego also self-heals thanks to the passive? We didn’t mention it, well now you know. Your welcome for ruining your day.

Viego’s Kit is Overloaded

King Viego Skin Splash
I love the lore, hate the champion. | © Riot Games

Viego is another champion that suffers from an overloaded kit. Invisibility, a dash, lifesteal, it’s all there and it’s all way too much. You can’t do anything against a Viego who gets a single kill in the early game. He will always come after you and kill you.

This champion might look great, and his lore is interesting, but the overall gameplay with Viego is a problem for many players. Even a first-timer will be able to get a multi-kill in a game with Viego thanks to his extremely annoying kit.

Who would you delete from League of Legends if you had the chance? Yuumi? Maybe Master Yi? Or maybe Zoe?

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