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Hwei Lore: Who Is The New Midlaner?

Champions 21-11-2023 17:35

Hwei is the new artistic Midlaner that will hit the rift soon. Here is all we know about him so far.

Ink mage hwei header
Hwei is the new champion joining the League of Legends. | © Riot Games

Hwei is the brooding painter and is the newest addition to the League of Legends Roster. 

Hwei, The Visionary, Is Joining League of Legends

Hwei's from Ionia originally. When Noxus invaded, the peace and harmony of Ionia got disturbed and left the land in ruins. The different tribes and races, once living in peace, split into two groups. Some wanted to go back to the old traditional ways, while others were all about turning Ionia into a strong force to fight back.

Amidst all the talk about politics between monks and warriors, Hwei found his own way to help out. He started making brilliant art to fight back against the forces of Nexus, but to also alleviate some pain off their victims. 

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Hwei is an artist troubled by his past. | © Riot Games

Hwei spent his early years on Koyehn, immersed in the artistic teachings of an Ionian temple. There, he learned the disciplined art of painting, blending precision and balance with a touch of magic. Despite his skill, the temple masters urged him to stick to traditional methods and suppress his imaginative style.

Reluctantly, Hwei followed their advice, becoming a respected member of the temple community. But behind closed doors, he continued to paint in his expressive and emotional way, keeping it a secret. Balancing his temple life with his hidden passion, he developed a mix of fascination and fear for his own artistic power.

Everything changed when a new artist arrived at the Koyehn temple. Initially forming a close connection with Hwei, this newcomer brought chaos and destruction, leaving Hwei's life in ruins. Now, Hwei faces a choice between the comfort of tradition and the unexplored territory of his unique artistic abilities.

Hwei Concept
Hwei is the new champion joining the League of Legends. | © Riot Games

Jhin's betrayal cut deep, yet his understanding of Hwei's art set him apart from the others. This profound betrayal left Hwei shattered, grappling with unanswered questions. In search of clarity, he embarked on a journey across greater Ionia, approaching others with a blend of kindness, empathy, and occasional confrontational intensity, maintaining a demeanor that was both solemn and determined.

Hwei's focus had always been on perfecting his craft, indifferent to his own appearance. His expressive art served as a tool to show his emotions, a tool to communicate without words. Despite the darkness within him recognizing the limitless and destructive nature of Jhin's expressions, Hwei's inherent kindness acted as a stabilizing force, allowing him to hold onto his inner light.

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