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No more ultimates

Orianna Is Back at Worlds 2022

Orbeeanna skin splash
Orianna is back!

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage is underway and due to the recent amount of bugs we've witnessed have caused Riot to act by disabling Orianna until further notice. Well, the balance team acted quickly and Orianna is back. 

Orianna really wasn't gone for a long time, barely missing any play time at the World Championship. Honestly, she isn't the most exciting pick so we wouldn't have really missed her... 


[Update 12 October, 2022]

Worlds Patch Hotfix: Orianna Re-Enabled

On October 12, 2022 Riot released a statement regarding Orianna and announcing that the Orianna bug has been resolved and the champion will be playable at the League of Legends World Championship again. This issue really didn't have much of an impact on the World Championship with Riot acting quickly to fix the problem. 

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A Recent Bug Causes Champ to be Disabled

The official lolesports account sent out a tweet on October 10, 2022 stating that they found a bug with Orianna and that she will be disabled until further notice. This isn't the first time champions or spells have been disabled in League of Legends, with Hexflash having been disabled previously in the LEC as well. 

Our dear friend reworked Udyr also won't be making an appearance at the 2022 LoL Worlds due to him not having been available in all major regions for their playoffs. Therefore, we're still stuck with normal, old Udyr instead and well... he isn't getting played. 

When Did the Bug Appear?

Orianna has only been played in one game thus far in the World Championship group stage. She was picked by mid laner Larssen for Rogue when they faced off against GAM Esports where he threw out her ultimate, but it looked to be on top of her. It ended up hitting Viktor who was super far away from her...

So, Riot is adding Orianna as well to the disabled list, but let's be real she isn't the most riveting champion to watch in the pro scene, so while it is sad that a champion has to be disabled, we're glad it's Orianna who really isn't the most interactive and fun to watch, right? 

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