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Sorry Udyr Fans...

Udyr's New VGU Disabled at Worlds 2022

News 26-08-2022 15:00
Dragon Oracle Udyr New Splash
Udyr fans have to wait a bit longer before seeing this guy in the professional scene | © Riot Games

The LoL World Championship 2022 is soon here, and the different regions are in the middle of deciding which teams will get a chance to compete amongst the best of the best in the world. However, one beloved guy who won't attend the World Championship is the new Udyr. 

Udyr has been a long-awaited project that finally hit live servers for everyone to try out. Besides his four unique stances and consistent close ranged abilities, everything is new, and, let's be honest, he looks ten times better now and definitely needs a spot on the Top 10 Hottest Male Champions.

Sadly for the Worlds 2022 contenders, they have to wait even longer to see this new dad-bod champion enter the rift for the professional competition, as it was confirmed on August 25 by Riot Gurg7 that Udyr's new VSU will not be a part of Worlds 2022. 

Looking for a way to improve your skills on the new Udyr? Check out this Video:

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We already know that most of patch 12.16 will be part of Worlds 2022, as Matt Leung-Harrisoncalled it, "The first Worlds focused Patch." So, as it seems now, of all the updates in 12.16, only Udyr will be left out of the biggest event in League of Legends. 

In case you don't want to miss out on the League of Legends World Championship like Udyr, you can check the sale dates for the Worlds 2022 ticket here.

Why Won't Udyr Be a Part of Worlds 2022

The League of Legends Esport team has not come out with an official explanation for why Udyr won’t be a part of Worlds 2022. But we can only assume that it has to do with how long Riot took to release the new Udyr update. 

Basically, the League of Legends Playoffs has already begun in many of the major regions. So it would be unfair if some regions could try out the Udyr rework in playoffs, whereas other regions couldn’t. This gives every region the same advantages before Worlds 2022 starts off on September 29. 

Wonder how the regions are doing in Playoffs? Here is all the information you need:

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