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League of Legends: 3 Champions To Counter Miss Fortune

Champions 25-06-2024 15:50

Miss Fortune is one of the best League of Legends champions, especially for beginners. But with her being so strong, you'll see he quite often. That's why we're going to give you some counter picks when you see enemies play her.

Miss Fortune Counters
League of Legends: Pick these champions to counter Miss Fortune. | © Riot Games

Miss Fortune is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She's always got a special place in players hearts as one of the many poster girls for Riot and with an immense amount of skins. 

She is a strong pick as well, no matter the meta, especially for lower elo players. Since she is one of the easiest bot laners to play, you'll see her a lot, but how should you counter her? Well, we've got some awesome picks for you. 

League of Legends: These Champions Counter Miss Fortune

3. Yasuo

Yasuo might be a melee champion, but he's one of the most annoying champions to play against when you lock in Miss Fortune. It's all thanks to one single ability that makes him feel oppressive and "unfun" to play against when you're MF... and that's none other than his Windwall. The ability is able to block Miss Fortune's ultimate, making her biggest damage source absolutely useless. 

Battle Boss Yasuo
Yasuo is quite annoying to play against as Miss Fortune. | © Riot Games

He's also got a lot more mobility than Miss Fortune. Sure, as MF you can go fast thanks to her W, but he's able to kite through minions to get to his target and dish out damage. With him being quite strong early on, this means he will have a lot of favorable trades. Just make sure not to push too hard early, since MF can punish him if she is simply farming under her own tower. 

2. Twitch

Twitch might not have the best early game, but he is one of the best champions into Miss Fortune. You'll want to steer clear of Miss Fortune early on, since she will have more power thanks to her Q, but if you play your cards right, use your Q to sneak up on her and then poison her, you'll be able to chunk her down. In extended fights, you've got the upper hand as Twitch. 

High Noon Twitch
Twitch is so annoying to play against as MF. | © Riot Games

If you can manage to bait out her E early, then you can go in for some skirmishes to chunk her down. Make sure not to push too far into the lane. Let Miss Fortune shove the lane and then, while you slowly whittle at her health bar, with the help of your jungler and an engage support she won't be able to escape your clutches. Twitch in the late game also deals a lot more damage and much quicker, meaning you can shred through MF and anyone trying to protect her. 

1. Lucian

Lucian is probably one of the most annoying champions to encounter as Miss Fortune. He's got much more mobility in his kit and his late game damage is insane. As long as you don't waste your dash early, you'll be quite safe as Lucian into Miss Fortune, since you can escape any attempt at an ult thanks to the dash. This will just frustrate the enemy Miss Fortune. 

Demacia Vice Lucian
Lucian is so annoying from level 2 onwards. | © Riot Games

Make sure to go aggressive at level 2 with Lucian, so Miss Fortune cannot farm and get ahead. Then, once you both have ultimate, keep your dash in your back pocket. Miss Fortune doesn't have any damage once she uses her Q, so she'll have to reset passive on a minion every time. With Lucian, you'll win the lane against Miss Fortune and from there take over the game with ease. 

Overall, there are quite a few different ways to punish Miss Fortune, but which pick is your favorite to counter this OG bot laner? 

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